Dreamsicle Pie

This is the craziest recipe yet. Seriously…dang easy and so versatile. I’ve made several variations and now my mom is sold and has created a peach cream pie and a raspberry cream pie. The possibilities are endless. Don’t… Read More

Easy Cassava Cookie Crumble

This recipe is really easy and quick. It’s also versatile. The bottom is a crunchy cookie, the center is any luscious fruit you have handy and the top is a tasty crumble. Put them together and what do… Read More

Netherlands Spice Bread

We’ve been traveling in the Netherlands for a month now and very few places have gluten-free sweets in their bakeries. We happened upon a little shop that sold homemade Ontbijtkoek which basically translates to Breakfast Bread. It is… Read More

Asparagus Chicken Pasta

One of the hardest things for me on this eating adventure is avoiding grains. I try to stay away from them but sometimes…you just got to have a bite of pasta. All my recipes that call for pasta I… Read More

Cashew Cheese

This is the simplest mock-cheese and so tasty. I use it on everything from pizza to zucchini noodles. It’s amazing for dips as well. Top off your casserole with this Italian flavored mock-cheese and no one will know… Read More

Asian Spiced Veggie Broil

Ok no brainer…really. Just grab your favorite veggies from the fridge and add this out of the world sauce and your mouth will have a celebration! I can throw them in my little baking oven on the boat… Read More


I was so excited to get home from Italy and make this yummy Bruschetta with those small fresh tomatoes still on the vine. They smell so delicious and taste so sweet. We were having guests for dinner so this… Read More

Crockpot Italian Whole Chicken

Being back in German has its advantages. No stores open on Sunday, so life is slow and time for cooking up some recipes for the week. Plus, on Saturday, if you make it early to the open market… Read More

Crockpot Chicken Boney Broth

I made it to my favorite organic meat stand at the Market this Saturday in time to get the last whole chicken. I needed some warm bone broth in this cold weather. Plus a nice fresh chicken for my… Read More

Asian Veggie Bone Broth

I made this with my Crockpot Chicken Bone Broth. It is so simple and since I had the broth in the fridge all I had to do was zip it out, add my favorite veggies and spices and… Read More