• Easy Cassava Cookie Crumble

    This recipe is really easy and quick. It’s also versatile. The bottom is a crunchy cookie, the center is any luscious fruit you have handy and the top is a tasty crumble. Put them together and what do… Read More

  • Netherlands Spice Bread

    We’ve been traveling in the Netherlands for a month now and very few places have gluten-free sweets in their bakeries. We happened upon a little shop that sold homemade Ontbijtkoek which basically translates to Breakfast Bread. It is… Read More

  • Asparagus Chicken Pasta

    One of the hardest things for me on this eating adventure is avoiding grains. I try to stay away from them but sometimes…you just got to have a bite of pasta. All my recipes that call for pasta I… Read More

  • Cashew Cheese

    This is the simplest mock-cheese and so tasty. I use it on everything from pizza to zucchini noodles. It’s amazing for dips as well. Top off your casserole with this Italian flavored mock-cheese and no one will know… Read More

  • Asian Spiced Veggie Broil

    Ok no brainer…really. Just grab your favorite veggies from the fridge and add this out of the world sauce and your mouth will have a celebration! I can throw them in my little baking oven on the boat… Read More

  • Bruschetta

    I was so excited to get home from Italy and make this yummy Bruschetta with those small fresh tomatoes still on the vine. They smell so delicious and taste so sweet. We were having guests for dinner so this… Read More

  • Crockpot Italian Whole Chicken

    Being back in German has its advantages. No stores open on Sunday, so life is slow and time for cooking up some recipes for the week. Plus, on Saturday, if you make it early to the open market… Read More

  • Crockpot Chicken Boney Broth

    I made it to my favorite organic meat stand at the Market this Saturday in time to get the last whole chicken. I needed some warm bone broth in this cold weather. Plus a nice fresh chicken for my… Read More

  • Asian Veggie Bone Broth

    I made this with my Crockpot Chicken Bone Broth. It is so simple and since I had the broth in the fridge all I had to do was zip it out, add my favorite veggies and spices and… Read More

  • Dairy Free Cardamon Panna Cotta with Berry Compote

    This is by far the simplest and most elegant dessert I have ever made. It is luscious, creamy with a hint of vanilla bean and a taste of cardamon that hits the last bite as it accents the coconut… Read More

  • Mustard Pumpkin Seed Brussel Sprouts

    This was my side dish for our family Christmas dinner this year and since the invention of this amazing side dish, I have decided I’m not going to wait a year to enjoy it again. So easy to… Read More

  • Quinoa Mexican Salad

    I have just started using some grains in my diet and have discovered a new love for Quinoa. It is pretty versatile and can be seasoned to accompany any dish. I decided to serve this alongside my Mexican… Read More

  • Crispy Smashed Potatoes

    OH, MY WORD is all I can say. We love potatoes and usually eat them like fries broiled in avocado oil. Well, I was having the family over to the campground and was serving up my Bacon &… Read More

  • Bacon & Zucchini Wrapped Chicken-Kabobs

    As I shared in several of my posts we are rather boring when it comes to dinner recipes. We usually eat the “same old same old”, meat, veggies, potatoes. So I’m trying to get more creative and ingenious…. Read More

  • Sambal Oelek Asian Soup

    We’d just grilled a large pork loin with sauteed mushrooms, grilled potatoes, and a lovely salad. Two-thirds of this delicious piece of meat was left over. I slide it in the fridge and figured we’d slice it up… Read More

  • Amy’s Orange Buns

    Ok, this one is a winner…truly a 5 star. We travel so much and the one smell I can’t get enough of is the aroma of the warm cinnamon buns in the airport. They get me every time…. Read More

  • Quinoa Tabbouleh

    I need to preface this recipe with a story that happened over 30 years ago. I was the director of a church preschool and happened to meet the coolest lady when enrolling her son in the program, Lanaya… Read More

  • Tapioca Spring Rolls

    I love Asian food and my favorite is the fresh spring rolls stuffed with fresh veggies and shrimp.  I know the ones in restaurants are made of rice paper and wished I could find a substitute instead of… Read More

  • Belgium Ribs in a Tub

    Yes, that’s the truth. In a tub! I love my crockpot and when we have electricity on the boat it’s my best friend. We try to hit the road and see the sites during the day and when… Read More

  • Rub-a-dub-dub

    Yes, that’s the name because when you taste my Rub-a-dub-dub on your Belgium Ribs in a Tub. you’ll NEVER cook ribs any other way again…I promise. I find it so strange that all over Belgium and Netherlands, in… Read More

  • Raspberry Coconut Lemon Cake

    Ok, so I like raspberries…who doesn’t when you get a deal at the open market in Belgium. Five euro for a flat of 20 trays. Hard to resist but not so easy to use in 2 days. They… Read More

  • Raspberry Cassava Crepes

    I’m on a Raspberry Roll! We happen to hit the close of the open Market in Namur, Belgium and ended up with 20 trays of fresh raspberries for 5 euro. I had to think quick of how to… Read More

  • Raspberry Medieval Compote

    What do you do with 20 trays of raspberries for 5 euro? Well first off, you give a few away on the way home from the market and then use them quick! Second, come up with some ingenious… Read More

  • Raspberry Belgium Sweetie

    I’m on a “Raspberry Roll”. I’m totally impressed with the bakery windows in Belgium that house the most decadent morsels on earth. They are so beautiful they look fake. Filled with sugar, and flakey gluten crusts that beg… Read More

  • Pizza Egg

    Breakfast is one of our favorite meals and making them together has become a great source of enjoyment for both Lutz and I. He’ll cut the fruit and I’ll whip up some concoction and usually forget to take… Read More

  • Oven Baked Grain Free Century Bread!

    Ok well, I just got home from the boat and had 10 days of no bread and decided to make a batch of Eincorn bread for my husband first and then I’d whip up a batch of my Grain… Read More

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Sunflower Truffles

    OK yes, I know cut back go clean. THESE are really, truly I promise! So simple, quick and you can change them up with a whim. I was having a young, old friend coming for lunch and decided… Read More

  • Wake Me UP Poached Eggs

    Breakfast is the best part of the day when you’re camping. Well, basically breakfast is great for any meal and any place. It gets you going for the hikes! This one will surely “wake you up” and give… Read More

  • Italian Zudooles

    I just love going to the open market on Saturdays in Germany. It’s alive with smells, people, and color! The stands are decorated and the displays resemble fresh food sculptures. Such a fest for the eyes. I happened… Read More

  • Buttery Biscuits & Gravy

    Yes, you read that right, BUTTERY BISCUITS & GRAVY! I lived in Florida for over 10 years and I had never heard of this amazing breakfast until then. It’s so dang good and I had a hanker’n for… Read More

  • Better Beets

    Ok so simple right? Yes, you’re right but so yummy and steaming them gives you all the nutrition that the earth placed inside these bio beets. Plus I got to drink the bright red water they were steamed… Read More

  • Spicy Avocado Dip or Dressing

    I love cutting up veggies and dipping! This recipe can be a dip or a salad dressing and is easy to put together at the last minute. You can whip this up by hand or use your emersion… Read More

  • South of the Border Slaw

    My California family has a long-standing tradition that whenever I’m “home”, in the USA, we go to La Especial in Leucadia California. This is where the family goes at least twice a month, what can I say! One… Read More

  • Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

    Oh, the joys of being in San Diego in the winter! Fresh seafood every day of the week! These stuffed mushrooms accent the amazing variety of delicacies from the sea and are quick and easy to prepare. They… Read More

  • Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

    I could live off of gluten-free appetizers and plan to do just that this Christmas! Our family tends to make holidays a marathon of eating and I love to bring my own appetizers that are gluten, soy and… Read More

  • Roasted Salsa My Way

    Way tooooo easy. Who said good things take time and precision? Well, I’m here to say that’s not always true. I’ve so enjoyed spending time with my extended family from Mexico and have learned a lot about Mexican… Read More

  • One Pot Pasta!

    Fall is upon us and time is ticking. Between soccer, ballet, gym, and your personal tasks, cooking something super quick for dinner can be a challenge. But have no fear! This one is a weekly regular at our… Read More

  • Berry Plum Wheel

    No matter what you call it,  Fillo, Filo or Phyllo Dough, I have yet to discover a homemade gluten-free recipe that does not take me a century to make and is rice flour free. Seriously…I’ve wasted more time… Read More

  • Lemon-Lime Zucchini Bread

    Woo…pucker up, folks! If you like tart and just a hint of sweet this is your day. I’ve made this delicious bread several times just using lemons and it is magnificent really. Last night I had some close… Read More

  • Easy Peasy Chocolate Mousse Pie

    Ok, I am into “easy.” Living half of my life on a boat and the other half in an RV is challenging when it comes to cooking, but I have a few secrets that keep me afloat! First,… Read More

  • Rhubarb Crumble

    This is so delicious and inspired by Lutz’s 97-year-old mom. Every time we visit her she has this amazing spread of goodies, one of which is a “Rhubarba Kocken”. Every time she serves this, I am immediately transformed… Read More

  • Grilled Asian Meatballs & Veggie Pocket

    These meatballs were so easy to make and I actually made them the day before. I fried them just to seal them up then put them in the fridge for the next evenings’ barbecue (you can cook them… Read More

  • Grilled Pocket Pesto Chicken & Veggies Pockets

    Yes, I’m on a roll. These pocket grilled meals are amazing and so easy to prepare plus the clean up is “einfach”, thats easy in German! You’re going to see a lot of these this summer so I hope… Read More

  • Verry Berry Cobbler

    I LOVE berries. I can recall eating a warm berry pie from the 7/11 store several times a week on my way to San Dieguito High School in Encinitas CA. It was so tart and the crust was… Read More

  • Grilled Steamed Veggie Pockets

    Ok, so you say “NO BRAINER” but wait this is so cool. It’s so hot on the boat and we’re using our grill for EVERYTHING! We love this way of cooking up our dinners and it’s so easy…. Read More

  • Chopped Asian Salad

    This is so delicious and keeps for 3 to 4 days in the fridge, but it never lasts that long around our house. It’s quick, easy and makes a great impression.  Or spread this on your gluten-free homemade… Read More

  • Baked Bread on a Boat…IMPOSSIBLE?

    No it is POSSIBLE. You just have to use your creativity and imagination AND a little help from GFJules!  I thought cooking bread on a boat or in an RV was impossible. Really I have to admit I… Read More

  • Luscious Coconut Lemon Bars

    This was so simple and was done using an immersion blender and a toaster oven! I’ve found a million ways to use my Cassava Butter Cookies or my Nut’n Butter Than Almond Cookies. Besides being the tastiest cookies… Read More

  • Grilled Basil Chicken & Rustic Pasta

    Ok so I try to avoid eating processed foods but this little Italian shop opened next to us and I asked if they made gluten free…”Si señora, we make it all”. Ok So a few days later I went back… Read More

  • Spicy Catsup

    Ok, this I had to make. I love my sweet potato fries with catsup and a dash of hot sauce. After reading all the store bought labels of catsup (EVEN the organic ones) with all their sugars and… Read More

  • Crunchy Rice & Taj Spinach Eggs

    I love to make my Taj Chicken & Spinach. After fishing out all the chicken I usually have sauce left over and freeze it for the next batch. But on the boat, freezing this is not so easy. I… Read More

  • Chipotle Chili Spread

    My friend, Trudy, would bring me back a jar of this delicious chili spread when she would visit her second home in the boot of Italy. I always use it up right away and decided it couldn’t be… Read More

  • Ultimate Deviled Eggs

    With Easter on its way, hard-boiled eggs are numerous and everywhere. In Germany and Europe in general, it’s so cool to see the various Meat Markets carrying decorated hard boiled eggs ready to eat! Of course, I bought… Read More

  • Buttery Banana Bread

    Ok, so on a boat I am limited as to the number of supplies and ingredients. Plus without a car, driving to the nearest grocery store is not an alternative. The fridge is the size of a small… Read More

  • Grain Free Cassava Century Bread

    My Century Bread is amazing and so tasty but I’ve been trying to avoid all grains. So if you’re working toward this goal as well or have mastered it, this should be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle…. Read More

  • Smokey Chipotle Coleslaw

    Oh am I ready for summer…we’re starting to grill in the chilly evenings anticipating the sun any day now. This weather doesn’t prevent me from planning easy, fast, yummy summer recipes. This is a must if you like chipotle. I… Read More

  • Cassava Butter Cookies & Bitter Sweet Orange Chocolate

    My Nut’n Butter than Butter Cookies recipe is so perfect for avoiding gluten, but the recipe contains corn and rice flour. For those of us trying to stay clear of corn and rice, I’ve created a super yummy Cassava Butter Cookie that is… Read More

  • Crispy Salmon Salad with Garlic Dressing

    My husband has mastered the perfect cooking time for salmon on the grill! Plus he’s discovered the nutritional value of eating the crispy skin. I’ve discovered the seasoning and the perfect dressing to accompany this fantastic salad!  The Garlic Dressing is… Read More

  • Better with Bacon Chicken Salad

    Yes, everything is better with bacon…even chicken! Ok in small portions. This was such a great salad and one that will be popular on our boat this summer, or actually, anytime we dare to go out in the… Read More

  • Whipped Coconut “Cream Cheese” Frosting

    This is dairy free! And it tastes just like the real thing. You can use this on any cake or cupcake. It is really light and tasty. Try it on my Carrot Cake. Just remember you will need… Read More

  • Carrot Cake

    I have read every carrot cake recipe out there…Well, ok, most of them. And guess what? I decided to do my own thing. I created the moistest rich flavored cake of them all. You tell me…seriously. It is so… Read More

  • Berry Cake

    Our summer RV’ing was amazing and I bought tons of cooking supplies thanks to my colleagues! I was given a gift certificate for King Arthur and for Amazon. Needless to say, I made sure I bought my cooking… Read More

  • Cassava Blueberry Pancakes

    It is a cold snowy day her in Germany and my tummy needed some comfort food. Since going gluten, dairy and soy free for 2 years I have never tried making gluten free pancakes. What a great day to… Read More

  • Venison Goulash

    I’d eaten venison years ago in Arizona and was never impressed with it. Maybe it was the way it was cooked or seasoned. Since living in Germany, venison is a way of life. They make venison sausage, goulash,… Read More

  • Italian Meatball Soup

    Yes, it is still cold and snowy here so soup it will be! This one is light, flavorful and with a distinct yummy flavor. A combo of herbs, tangy spices and a hint of hot peppers. Check it out… Read More

  • Bitter Sweet Orange Mousse

    Ok, I was suspicious at first, but I had to try making this creamy smooth deep dark chocolate mousse with AVOCADO––yes, you heard me, avocado! BUT I did not leave well-enough alone. I had to do my thing and… Read More

  • Date Drop Cookies

    Woo! Just back from our tour in the USA and had a sweet tooth but the cupboard was empty. So what do you do? Improvise! I had Ghee, almond flour, coconut sugar, gluten-free oats, raw almonds, and dates!… Read More

  • Best Field Salad with Bacon Dressing!

    “Tis the season to eat field salad, fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la” Yes, really it is hopping right now. Field salad is so delicious and in restaurants, they serve a yummy bacon dressing on top. I had to figure this out and mastered… Read More

  • Pumpkin Bread

    Since I had steamed two small fresh pumpkins and puréed them, I was excited about coming up with some simple pumpkin recipes. Pumpkin bread was at the top of the list. I had a helper, so the mixing went fast!… Read More

  • Red Curry Pumpkin Soup

    Love, love, love this! We were camping at a campground that had a Halloween party for all the kids and families. Lutz happened to notice several pumpkins left on the table after clean up. He grabbed a couple… Read More

  • Cranberry Tangerine Cake

    This was so yummy and tart. A really great recipe for using those fresh cranberries and tangerines that are now in season. Top it off with Coconut Whipped Cream or a scoop of homemade coconut ice-cream for a perfect… Read More

  • Coconut Whipped Cream

    I can’t take credit for this one since it has been published on several websites. It’s simple and delicious and best of all dairy free. The only problem is that you need to refrigerate the coconut cream overnight. I… Read More

  • Basil Cashew Ricotta Cheese

    There are all kinds of dairy-free cheese recipes floating around on the internet and as usual, I had to twist it up! This is awesome with lasagna using zucchini slices as the pasta and my Bold Bolognese to… Read More

  • Fireside Salad Bowl

    It doesn’t matter what fire you eat this Fireside Salad Bowl in front of, just as long as you try it. Whether in front of a roaring campfire or cozied up in front of your fireplace at home,… Read More

  • Lutz’s Lentil Soup

    I’ve been so blessed to have a partner that enjoys cooking as well. Lutz, my husband, has mastered the art of lentil soup. For those of you that love soup and eat lentils, this is it. I do believe… Read More

  • Bacon Bean Kale Soup

    For the past 3 weeks we’ve been enduring the rain.  I’ve decided to go with the flow and make SOUP! Yes, I’m feeling the warmth of the broth and zing of the red pepper flakes! I had to do… Read More

  • Sticky Apple Cake

    Fall is amazing in Washington. All the campgrounds in the area have apples falling off the trees. A visit to my son’s house led me to this amazing Sticky Apple Cake. He has a HUGE old apple tree… Read More

  • Fresh Applesauce

    I laughed to myself when I decide to post this recipe. As a retired teacher this was one of the funnest class cooking activities we used to do in the fall. Actually I don’t know one early childhood… Read More

  • Fresh Apple Bread

    Fall is EVERYWHERE, and so are the apples. I am in pursuit of the apple lovers dream. So far I have made Fresh Applesauce and fresh Sticky Apple Cake and now this amazing Fresh Apple Bread. It is so… Read More

  • Grilled Steamed Corn

    Ok so I don’t eat a lot of grains but when you’re in California and pay $1.50 an ear for no GMO organic white corn you just have to  indulge, just once. My Granddaughters helped me prepare the… Read More

  • Coconut Mounds Cookies

    This cookie will keep you coming back for more. They literally melt in your mouth! Remember the burst of coconut and dark chocolate you get when you bite into a Mounds Almond Bar? And then that snap of… Read More

  • Lemon & Garlic Chicken

    Was planning on cooking this on the grill in my iron skillet but since the rain came back I whipped it up in my dutch oven and made tangy Lemon & Garlic Gravy with the sauce. I accompanied… Read More

  • Fresh Coconut Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    Yes, I’m still camp’n and cook’n and this one is a keeper. We bought a fresh pineapple and it was turning to alcohol and my thought was “don’t toss it, cook it!” So I sliced it into rings and… Read More

  • Carne Tacos

    I’m on a roll… Just can’t seem to get enough of my Mexican food lately, so I took my grass fed pot roast and loaded it with seasoning, covered it for a day in the crockpot, then I went… Read More

  • Grilled Roasted Garlic Walnut Sweet Potatoes

    Ok, ok…so I love sweet potatoes and I try all kinds of ways to use them: puddings, breads, shakes, fries, whipped with organic butter and salt––but this is one of my favorites. These are great as a snack… Read More

  • Spicy Bacon & Purple Cabbage

    Ok, so color is the thing that makes food look inviting. I tend to agree. So, count this one colorful! I served this along side my Easy Peasy BBQ Pork Belly and Grilled Roasted Garlic Walnut Sweet Potatoes…. Read More

  • Easy Peasy BBQ Pork Belly

    Ok, it is finally summer here in Germany and we are on a roll with the BBQ! We ordered some pork belly from our Bio farmer guy at the market!!!! We made some soups and then looked at… Read More

  • Oma’s Raisin Cookies

    OOOH yum. Truly, I don’t know why I waited so long to experiment with this one. The aroma of these warm morsels while baking was too much! A touch of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg just took… Read More

  • Off the Wall-nut Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Ok this is it! When I first started this adventure I missed 2 things…chocolate chip cookies and pizza. Well, I’ve mastered them both now! Life is good.

  • Foolproof Mayo with a Zing!

    I am always reading labels and mayo is one thing that is a sneaky thing on the grocery shelves…filled with no no things. But making it at home was scary and so I decided to give it a… Read More

  • Baja Shrimp & Zucchini Noodles

    Oh so spicy and flavorful. This is a quick dish and one that sets the house smelling so good! If the windows are open you might have neighbors showing up for dinner. I use a seasoning that is popular… Read More

  • Vietnamese Please!

    We go to a little Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon that is right around the corner. It is one of the restaurants where I feel confident that all the veggies are fresh and come from the open market. Plus, they… Read More

  • Creamy Asparagus Soup

    I am refusing to let go of asparagus season, or what the German’s call “Spargel Zeit.” I’ve been stockpiling. I carefully peeled all my spargel, cut the ends off, and then froze them until I had enough to create… Read More

  • White Asparagus

    I never thought about it until I was asked by a colleague one day, “How do you cook white asparagus?” Then  it dawned on me: maybe there are others who wonder how to cook these tasty treats. So here you go… Read More

  • Rainbow Rock Salt Potatoes

    I’m pretty sure I got this idea from my trips to Spain. Regardless of where the inspiration came from, it is very delicious and easy to prepare. These little gems they are so tasty smothered with my Cilantro Chimichurri sauce. Check it out… Read More

  • Pico de Gallo

    Summer is the time for savory cold salads that keep you going all day. I like to make a huge batch of this Pico de Gallo and use it all week on my eggs, chicken salads, and to… Read More

  • Cilantro Chimichurri

    OOOOOh so good. There are 1000 different things you can do with this sauce… ok ok ok, close to 1000. From marinades to salad dressing, from topping off a taco to dressing up your morning eggs! It makes the… Read More

  • Carne Asada

    Ok, I know I should have checked with my daughter and her father in-law, Enrique Lopez, about this one, but after tasting it I think I done did good! While in San Diego it seems unheard of to not have Mexican… Read More

  • Jalapeño Sweet Potato Hash

    Woohooh! This was truly an experiment and one that I will repeat. Such flavor, sweet and spicy and bits of fresh jalapeños throughout! Perfect for a side dish with dinner or lunch, or top with a fried or… Read More

  • Prized Pizza Crust

    FINALLY, after many attempts of trying and eating cardboard crust I believe I found the recipe for my monthly pizza! It was like there all the time, I just had to discover it… LOL. Couple of tricks, and… Read More

  • Spicy Chicken Wrap

    Quick and easy…that’s what it’s all about on a boat or living in our RV. Plus in the summer who wants the heat in the kitchen. These are so fast to make and you can serve them for… Read More

  • B&B Pesto

    Ok, so I know you are wondering, “What in the world does B&B stand for?” Wait no longer! Create this yourself using Black Basil, Black Olive Oil, and toasted pine nuts! It is so yummy. I used it to marinate… Read More

  • Grilled Veggies with B&B Pesto or…

    I think summer is starting to realize it is late. Last week it showed it’s shine for a couple days. We took advantage of this and snuck out to do some grilling! I am addicted to these Grilled Veggies with… Read More

  • Lean Green Soup

    You might be able to tell I am not enjoying this spring weather when all I think about is soup. But I am looking for the good in the weather. My mantra for this cloudy, rainy month as been:… Read More

  • Mocha Brownies

    OOOOh so good! Just a hint of coffee flavor to create a deep, dark chocolate bitter-sweet savory flavor. These goodies call for my Chocolate Chip Pistachio Ice Cream. Decadent, moist chocolate brownies with walnuts or almonds…easy-peasy to make! Drizzle… Read More

  • Poached Pot Roast

    Ok so everyone knows how to cook a pot roast in a crockpot right? But how about a Poached Pot Roast in a crockpot? Check out my recipe for Poached Pot Roast. I cover it with homemade broth or… Read More

  • Poached Pot Roast Kale Soup

    After cooking my recipe for Poached Pot Roast, you can turn the leftovers of this yummy pot roast into Poached Pot Roast Kale Soup! I kept all the broth from the Poached Pot Roast, all the broken potato… Read More

  • Jodi & Barb’s Waffles, a guest post!

    I met Jodi and Barb at the cooking class a few weeks ago. Both are super excited about eating healthy and cleaning up their eating habits. While chatting they shared their Waffle recipe with me and with their… Read More

  • Chocolate Chip & Pistachio Ice Cream Time!

    I am willing the sun to come out with this treat. Seriously folks, it’s been raining for 3 days straight and it’s May 29th.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow, too, Memorial Day. Since it’s not raining too bad… Read More

  • Tandoori Chicken In The Rain

    Whenever the sun is out, we are out BBQ’ing…well, even when it rains we are out there. We have a big umbrella! When the urge for Indian food hits, nothing can stop us. This recipe is so good. We… Read More

  • Infused Egg Bake & Side Sauce

    What a way to start your day! No more excuses for not having time for breakfast. This delicious recipe is easy to make and creates a super breakfast for the whole family, or slice it up into 10… Read More

  • Great Grain Free Granola

    Ok this is for all you folks that have to stay away from grains… I think I’m a convert… This recipe is fantastic. It’s sweet, warm and toasty. I also have another recipe, Granny’s Granola you might want… Read More

  • Granny’s Granola

    This is so yummy. Love this with my Creamy Dairy Free Yogurt. It is so crunchy and great to eat as a snack or breakfast. The topping/sauce can be switched up with my Great Grain Free Granola recipe… Read More

  • Cassava Sweet Potato Crepes and Ginger Rhubarb Sauce

    DEEEEEElicious! This is all I can say. If you’re feeling a winter hangover this spring in Germany, then this is what you need! Cozy pumpkin or sweet potato crepes with a warm tart topping of rhubarb and a hint of… Read More

  • Chai Cashew Butter

    This was inspired by Sonia Lacasse and her great cook book Paleo Home Cooking. I love the chapter on nut butters and did a spin on one of them. Just remember you will need to soak your raw… Read More

  • Turmeric Sweet Potato Protein Nut Muffins

    When you work full-time and are constantly on the GO, or have children to run to school, or weekend soccer practice, breakfast is often replaced with fast foods or not even eaten at all! Don’t neglect this important… Read More

  • Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Fig & Mustard Sauce

    This is the season to be jolly! Yes, that’s right. It’s asparagus season in Germany. White asparagus is the most popular on this side of the pond. However, I use green asparagus in this recipe for several reasons…. Read More

  • Sausage or Spinach Empanadas

    Ole! My home is San Diego and I guess this is why I love spicy food so much. Going to Mexico with my daughter, Jericho, and her family this summer was so fun. My daughter and I stayed… Read More

  • Creamy Dairy Free Yogurt

    I have to say this is not my recipe, BUT it is the easiest and best I’ve found. I discovered it on the site, thekitchn.com. It’s really amazing and has never failed. So my thanks goes out to… Read More

  • Bold Bolognese

    Ok this is a must…it is so rich in flavor and irresistible. You will need to use my Basic Bold Tomato Sauce so whip out a frozen package of the sauce and get it cook’n. If you don’t… Read More

  • Cick’n Chick’n Seasoning

    Ok the name is strange but the flavors are great. This seasoning can be used on pork as well so get out the barbecue and fire it up. We LOVE this stuff and put it on our chicken… Read More

  • Seasoned Indian Cauliflower Rice

    I love this rice. Really it is so versatile and can be adapted to any cuisine. When making African food I add raisins and pistachios. So it can be dressed up to meet your cooking desires and creativity!

  • Eggs In A Nest

    Oh yeah babe! This is Sunday Brunch at our house. We love to sleep in, wake up slow and then head to the kitchen. My job: breakfast; Lutz’s  jobs: coffee, music and taking photos or working on photos…. Read More

  • Spicy Hollandaise Sauce

    This is a great sauce for topping off any breakfast meal. Impress the family! Really, you have to try this. I was always afraid to make Hollandaise sauce, but it is so easy. It can’t fail. I watched… Read More

  • Chili Lime Shrimp

    This is one of our favorite dishes. Reminds me of home and the local fish restaurants that grill the shrimp or bring it to you in a bubbling sauce of garlic. Plus it has the taste of summer…. Read More

  • Asian Spiced Chicken

    Moving to Germany sixteen years ago posed a food challenge for me: I love hot and spicy, but Germany is basically bland meat and potatoes with gravy and over-cooked veggies. It has changed since I first arrived, and… Read More

  • Crazy Curry

    I searched the net for curry powders and there were as many curries as there are languages in India! It is amazing, and they all have their unique twists––so I decided I could do the same thing. Here you go!… Read More

  • Century Bread

    YES! This is it. The bread of the century. I found it. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. OMG. Really, I am dancing around. So far the breads I have made in the past call… Read More

  • Chili Pepper Crackers

    This dish went over really well at our Taj Cooking Event! I made them to accompany some of the exotic dips we had and they were all gone before the first course. I had no idea they would… Read More

  • Creamy Cardamon Custard & Caramelized Mangos and Bananas

    This custard is so delicious and easy to make. It is refreshing and makes a great desert to impress. You can make it the day before. Then assemble the dessert by warming the custard and caramelized mangos and bananas right before you… Read More

  • Heavenly Bread

    Sometimes I miss a good old PB&J or a nice ham sandwich on soft earthy flavored bread…not anymore! This is so good and feels and taste like it just came from a fresh bakery..IT DID, YOURS! You can… Read More

  • Rustic Cajun Seasoning

    This spice makes a great rub for chicken or pork, and it’ll bring a kick to your morning eggs or hollandaise sauce. It is the main seasoning for Spicy Cajun Delight. Simple to make and stores nicely for… Read More

  • Spicy Cajun Delight

    Oh yeah…this is so simple and delicious. Warms the soul and the belly! It is a nice fall/winter treat, and the colors are just great for a summer BBQ. Whip this up with cauliflower rice and BAMB! you… Read More

  • Bella Italian Seasoning

    This is really beautiful and versatile. You can use it for all Italian recipes and dips.  I try to use my dried plants when making this seasoning. The recipe was constructed using both ground and fresh dried herbs,… Read More

  • Basic Bold Tomato Sauce

    This red robust sauce gets its color from my 2 secret ingredients. Ok, no secret anymore. But its due to the sun-dried tomatoes and the dash of dark paprika. Tomato sauce is a staple for me. I make… Read More

  • Cauliflower Rice

    This is the best, really! If you are avoiding grains or carbohydrates then give this a try. It is really yummy and can be flavored according to your cuisine. Simple and quick!

  • Nut’n Butter Than Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken is a warm creamy dish that smells and taste superb. It has a hint of cinnamon and the sent of cardamom that just begs to be eaten with Spicy Lime Chutney! Once again, I searched several sites… Read More

  • Taj Chicken & Spinach

    I am in love with this creamy spinach curry infused dish! It is so simple and delicious. I usually double the gravy and freeze it so I have it on hand when the urge hits me. The recipe… Read More

  • Tom Kha Gai

    As you can see, I am on a soup roll. I love this dish and it’s easy and quick to make. Can’t say I invented it, but after trial and error and reading recipes from the web, I… Read More

  • Spicy Pickled Lime Chutney

    This is one of my annual event recipes. If you love hot, spicy and salty––this is worth the wait…and I mean wait! This takes about a month of patience, but it is so yummy and so tasty, especially… Read More

  • Mangled Mango & Apple Chutney

    This is the most flavorful chutney in the world…ok, well in my world. My mother taught me how to make this as a child, and of course I have had to experiment with every batch. I hope you enjoy… Read More

  • Garam Masala

    Making Indian food has become a passion of mine and I have so enjoyed reading and researching the different curries and spices of Asia…and sampling the tasty dishes from this part of the world. Garam Masala, like curries, varies from… Read More

  • Nut’n Butter Than Almond Cookies

    My Grandma was from England and taught me to drink pearl tea and eat British biscuits from the tin. I found the right combination to recreate the biscuits and now I think of her every time I eat… Read More

  • Anne´s Zippy Fennel Salad

    This is the best salad. I went to my husband’s son’s house to visit in Munich and his wife made this for us. It is one of the vegetables I get each week from our Bio home delivery… Read More

  • Melissa’s Pickled Parsnips

    This recipe is dedicated to my sister Melissa. Every year my husband and I travel to my home town near San Diego. The area is known for surfing, meditation, and good food. Although I lived in Del Mar,… Read More

  • European Herb Chicken

    European Herb Chicken 4 – Chicken beast cubed Gluten free pasta or cauliflower rice (see recipe below) Herb Seasoning: 1/4 cup macadamia nut oil or coconut oil 1 table spoon Minnie’s Italian seasoning * recipe to follow. Or… Read More

  • Bomb-a-rama Brownies with Whipped Coconut Cream & Raspberries

    This is just to die for! Everybody needs a sweet treat once in a while. This super rich brownie with whipped coconut cream and raspberries is sure to satisfy the sweetest tooth. So decadent and delicious. Enjoy!

  • Twisted Chicken over Spiraled Zucchini

    Chicken Pick your chicken. I buy fresh Bio chicken already cut since my husband and I like different parts so we usually have 2 breast, 2 wigs 2 thighs and 2 drumsticks. Chicken 2 onions 4 cloves of… Read More