Resources & More: 12 Ways to Winterize Your Body

It looks like winter is not giving up! Seriously, I’ve been in contact with so many people in the USA who are getting hit hard and over here in Germany as well. I love to read Suzy Cohen’s… Read More

Resources & More: Why shouldn’t I eat soy?

Ok, I’ve had so many people ask me why “I” don’t eat soy products…I know many folks out there eat it including the vegetarian and vegan communities and have no problems. But I thought that as well until… Read More

Resources & More: The 6-Week Plan to Heal Your Brain

This article provides you with REAL SERIOUS food for thought to ponder. Dr. Hyman has laid it all out in 7 steps to regain your brain! The 6-Week Plan to Heal Your Brain is a great start in… Read More

Resources & More: Looking for RESEARCHED based nutrition Facts?

This site brings me pure joy. Dr. Michael Greger is bright, intelligent and presents his finding in a hilarious manner which keeps me entrenched in his short audio discussions. Seriously if you have 2-3 minutes a day to listen… Read More

Resources & More: The People’s Pharmacy

This is a great site for all your home remedies! It addresses options for traditional and non-traditional remedies for dealing with daily health challenges. I especially like the way they present both sides of traditional and herbal options…. Read More

Resources & More: Working My Magic

Yes, I do have magic and you’re going to need it if you’re planning to cook some of these amazing dishes I’ve created on a boat, an RV or in your home. People always ask how on earth… Read More

Resources & More: Barlow Herbals

Are you interested in herbal healing treatments and research? You’ve got to check out this new site I found. These folks are real people and took over their botanist fathers business when he died. All their supplements are… Read More

Resources & More: The Healthy Foodie

I discovered Sonia’s site, The Healthy Foodie, when I first started out on this adventure in 2013 and even bought her cookbook, which I recommend highly: Paleo Home Cooking. Sonia has branched off into other healthy food recipes adding a few… Read More

Resources & More: The Essential Thyroid Cookbook

I was asked to read their cookbook, The Essential Thyroid Cookbook and got more than I bargained for. This book has a plethora of concise, easy to understand research that makes SENSE! Plus Jill and Lisa are experts… Read More

Resources & More: Izabella Wentz

I’m asked a lot of questions from boaters, campers and friends ranging from cook’n to supplements. The one question that tends to pop up most is: “Where can I read about thyroid and other autoimmune challenges? There’s so much on line… Read More