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What are Lectin and How Do They Affect Our Gut?

What are Lectin and How Do They Affect Our Gut?


I’ve had chronic inflammation for at least the past 7 years. If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease (IBS, lupus, arthritis, Hashimoto, celiac, MS, etc.), this article might help you get to the root cause of your inflammation and/or help you understand the damage lectin can have on your gut. My previous doctor did an amazing job investigating the root cause of my inflammation, changing my diet, checking for a heavy metal toxin, and changing hygiene routines. This last month I visited a new doctor, Dr. Gresch, in Kaiserslautern, and he did a massive amount of tests and felt like he found the source of my inflammation…a leaky gut!

I’ve read tons of articles about this problem, but it felt like 6 years ago I addressed it. But, apparently, I did not! When I was eighteen years old, I contacted Shigella in Mexico and was in the hospital for a week. This disease usually kills children and older people. It basically destroys all the good bacteria in your gut, and you end up losing your stomach lining. That was over 35 years ago. Research about our “second brain” (our gut) was not on the front line of medical research at that time. So replacing gut bacteria through supplements and yogurt was not discussed. Instead, I received weeks of antibiotics. Today some amazing studies are being done to understand the role of our gut environment. Nurturing the growth of good bacteria and managing the bad bacteria is at the forefront. I’ve read several articles, including research papers, over the past couple of months, and this one is easy to read and to the point. It’s an interview with Dr. Grundy, the guru of the Lectin-Free Diet. Take a peek. It’s short and might give you some insight into your challenges. As for me, I’ll let you know. I’m still testing this theory out!


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