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We Should Be Ambiscious About Our Friendships

We Should Be Ambiscious About Our Friendships


This month, I’ve discovered something new about ambition. I’ve never looked at the idea of sustaining friendships as an ambition until I read this article. It gave a deeper meaning to my attempt to create new friendships and sustain the old ones while living in a very small town in the Black Forest.

In this article by  Rainesford Stauffer, she says, “Ambition doesn’t just have to be about work. We can be ambitious for each other, too”. It struck me that the point she makes is when someone who is considered a friend, not just an acquaintance, WANTS to know what is going on with you. It’s a two-way street. She makes interesting parallels between being ambitious at your work and being ambitious about your friendships. I love this statement:

“Ultimately, I think that’s what we all need in relationships: People who want to show up for us, and vice versa.”

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