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2024 April: Spring Has Finally Sprung And…

2024 April: Spring Has Finally Sprung And…


This has been the longest year ever. The weather made it feel like spring would never come. We returned from rainy California, which flooded the country, and the rain followed us to Germany. Six months of rain, snow, and no sign of sun are not my favorite. Lutz even braved the hail and rain to grill one day!

Things had better change soon, and they did! Spring flowers bloomed, and we had several days of sunshine. Now, I’m ready to head out and explore. FINALLY!

On one sunny occasion, the sun decided to shine, and I was ready to celebrate Women’s Day with a unique brunch. I overheard two ladies chatting in English at the open market downtown Wolfach. I was naturally curious and started to speak with them. I discovered Julie was from Canada and Shuki was from Japan. To top it off, they live in Wolfach and are married to Germans. I was so excited to find these ladies. They have a whole group of women from around the world who are married to Germans and live in the Wolfach area. This was a perfect chance to make new friends, and a Brunch was in order. We celebrated Women’s Day with ladies from Japan, Canada, China, Africa, Germany, Spain, and America, and we all got to speak ENGLISH! Best sunny day this month!

Shuki invited Lutz and me to the school music performance to see her daughter play. These are the same crew that practice in the Music School Across from our house. Summer concerts at the school are fabulous!

We lucked out one weekend and headed to Vennia to visit Dominik, Lutz’s youngest son. It’s always sunny when Dominik is around!

We took the city bus tour while Dominik worked a few hours at his office. Although we have visited Vienna several times, we have never explored the city. We visited some of the local sites, like the amusement park.

We checked out the museum quarters.

And my favorite, the Sisi Museum. I’m just fascinated with her and the history.

We even road over the Danube River. This is one river we think about driving our boat, Virus, up.

Most of all, we love going to the Naschmarkt downtown, where all the action is. There, you can find everything you need, from coats to cups, fresh veggies, and spices.

Finding cool places to have an authentic meal was easy since Dominik lives downtown and knows all the great spots. I posted Gasthaus Wolf a few years ago, and it is still one of the best places to head to for a great meal. It is reasonably priced as well. Be sure to call and reserve. It is mostly locals, and they fill up fast. Here is more about this great place.

Another local restaurant we were introduced to was the Cafe Savoy. This is an interesting restaurant. The mirror on the back wall is the original and largest in Vienna. Their site has more pictures of this opulent building.

The menu is short and sweet but has something for everyone. The traditional schnitzel and sweet potato fries are always tempting!

But I prefer boiled beef and sauteed cabbage.

Our apartment was so cute. It was a few blocks from Dominik’s and had everything we needed— even a garage and a patio! It is located downtown and within walking distance of everything. You can find it on and Airbnb as Hoheschule Apartment Kapriole. Just a tip: is quite a bit less expensive.

Of course, we had to cook a meal for Dominik, and scallops from the Naschmarkt were the ticket, sauteed in lemon butter over gluten-free pasta!

It was served with a delicious salad and fresh artichokes from the market.

We had a great time in Vienna, and the sun cooperated. Arriving back in Wolfach, I headed to a pottery class with my new batch of friends, and my creations are yet to be seen. I’ll keep you in suspense for the time being. We got Fritz, my 1994 Mazda Miata, out of the garage and took her for a spin to prepare her for the sunny days.

We even dipped in the jacuzzi and lit a fire on the balcony that day. The following day, rain and hail beat down like there was no tomorrow.!

Luckily, the weather turned just like that, and it was time to visit the largest Easter egg in the Black Forest, right in our hometown, Wolfach! Spring was in the air and over the land!

Since the weather started cooperating, we decided to save our Swiss Alps Panoramic Bernina Express Tour for the winter through the snow. I’ve had enough cold for now. Instead, we plan to spend my April birthday in a castle with a Romanic dinner, and our close friends from Kaiserslautern, Anneliese and Markus, will join us. More about that next month. Then, it will be off to Croatia for four weeks to explore the area. Please send me your suggestions and must-see spots. We would love to hear your take on this beautiful region we plan to visit. Until next month, stay safe, stay warm and keep cookn!

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