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April 2021: It’s Time for New Adventures, New Places and New Faces!

April 2021: It’s Time for New Adventures, New Places and New Faces!


Wooo, what a ride the last few weeks have been. I’m still spinning. Sold our home in Kaiserslautern, packed our belongings, and put them in storage. And we are off to the Black Forest for new adventures, new places, and new faces!

So strange to be moving from Kaiserslautern. It’s been my home for the past 10 years and so many friends and acquaintances I’m planning to keep in touch with. It’s odd to walk through an empty house. Memories and good times but…more to come, I am sure!

On the same day, we moved to our boat in Kehl and hiding out. Yes, we’re waiting for Angie to open recreation areas, but… until then, we’re on the run! It’s rather nice since no one is around!

We’ve had some great weather this past week and took off for a couple of bike rides along the Rhein River. It’s gorgeous. The temperature was 70-75 and the sun shining, families walking along the riverwalk, and…

An extraordinary treat! It’s Bärlauch or wild garlic season. In the USA, they call it Ramps, and it has the most amazing aroma and flavor. A hint of garlic and a tad of parsley flavor adds to its earthy taste. It makes the best pesto! Check out my Macadamia Bärlow Pesto. It is so delicious when you combine a tablespoon of this delicious pesto into my Herb Hummus recipe.

Our weeks have also been filled with checking on our new home being build in the Black Forest. It’s in the small city of Wolfach along the Kinzig River. We decided to make this step 4 years ago, and the building process has been almost 3 years to complete due to the Virus and, as you know, building challenges. Hopefully, we will enter our new home on May 1st! Fingers crossed, please…our apartment is on the top left. And, yes, that is the Kinzig River running in front of our home!~

It seems like years since I’ve been home to hug my 91-year-old mom and my sisters and brother. I am missing my own kids and grandkids like the dickens.

My son’s new toy….oh how mothers worry no matter how old they are!

But, despite my missing family, I have a new family in this part of the world to connect with. Lutz’s sister, Doris, and brother-in-law, Dieter, are wonderful and have been so generous sharing their home with us while we’ve been going through this transition. They only live about 3 Km from our new home in Oberwolfach!

Our Easter weekend was so fun. Not only did we have sun, but we connected with more family members from Lutz’s family. Thomas, Doris, and Dieter’s older son, and his wife Pia, and their 2 kids, Issi and Janick, joined us Saturday for a festive tour of the boat and a BQ! I loved having them on board-so easy to speak with, and the kids are just delightful. I felt like I was back in my comfort zone, but they were teaching me German!

We even had a visit from one of Lutz’s good old friends from Wolfach! Thomas Hund and his wife, Inga, arrived by bike from Lahr, which is 2 hours away by bike. Of course, we fed them! Fresh Salmon Caesar Salad and lots of water! So great to catch up and spend some time with our new family and friends.

Change is good, right, and creating new meaningful relationships enhances your life. One of my favorite sayings I often share with those going through challenging times and or changes comes to mind, “Have something to do, something to look forward to, and someone to love.” I am blessed and filled today with tons to do; I’m looking forward to my new home and our trip to visit my family this fall, and excited about new family members to love and build relationships with. Of course, I’m always cooking and have a few new recipes you might want to check out, so give my site a browse and plan something super for the Spring. Hopefully, by my May post, I’ll be taking you on a tour of my new home with an amazing kitchen! Stay by…

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