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May 2021: The Suspense is Unbearable!

May 2021: The Suspense is Unbearable!

I was so looking forward to sending out this month’s newsletter with an array of home completion photos. But you’re going to have to settle with some photos of us constructing final projects! Use your vivid imagination this month, and be prepared to be stunned in June’s newsletter for the final move in shots. As you can see, we are nowhere ready to move in.


My kitchen is a dream come true. I have a baking area and a cooking area. BOTH have sinks. I’m notorious for obliterating a kitchen floor in one cooking episode. This way, I have no excuse. Plus, I raised the dishwasher so Lutz could access it easier…


I even bought Lutz a fancy window cleaner tool so he could keep our windows sparkling for this amazing panoramic view. Plus, we’ve got the beginnings of a pergola to cover our outside eating area and giving Lutz some shade while he cleans the windows.

It’s pretty exciting watching the materials arrive, such as the kitchen cabinets, cabinets for our storage, and the patio pots for the landscape designed by Schulte & Schöened! Yes, real trees and a watering system!

Of course, I had to take this pic of my wallpaper. I loved it so much I put it in the guest bedroom and bathroom. We had to buy a smaller bed and make a custom headboard since we have very little wall space in our bedroom. It’s so cool with shelves and drawers that pop out on the sides! We opted for a huge sliding door to see the view and step out for our morning coffee on the balcony. We are looking forward to making the big move in the middle of March, so stay tuned, folks!

Our stay aboard our boat, Virus, for the past few months was not the worst. We enjoyed all the comforts of traveling but never started the engine. Since we are harbored on the Rhein River in Kehl and share the same waters as France, cruising in our boat was not allowed. So we spent some freezing days and nights (-4 sometimes in the evening) bundled up and hibernating until spring arrived. Since the middle of April, we’ve enjoyed grilling and spending the evenings watching the sunset. (No, that’s not mine…)

Of course, we’ve hit the trails on our bikes to explore the paths along the German side of the Rhein River.


Beautiful scenery and amazing little alcoves for a picnic.

I had my visit with the German Registration office and am glad to say after 4 years I now have permission to stay in Germany! Plus, we both received the first shot for COVID! Coming back to see my mom, grandkids, family, and friends are looking more like reality instead of a dream.

Naturally, I’ve been cooking away; however, I’ve also been wrestling with some new eating restrictions and avoiding lectin for the past month. Holy moly, I was so unaware of how they affect your gut and how so much of our food is filled with them. But that has not prevented me from grilling! Yes, white potatoes are legal as long as they are pressure-cooked for 40 minutes. To tell the truth, people, they are tastier and come out very crispy on the grill. Along with my homemade mayo, I’m good to go! Plus, it’s spargel season here, and I’m cooking up a storm with the green but mostly the white!


Take a peek at this month’s resource and learn more about lectin. You can see what I’m dealing with in preparing some of my favorite foods.

Thankfully I’ve been able to eat some dairy at least! But the thing I have missed the most has been my chilis. I love hot and spicy foods, so this has been a true cooking experience for me. Plus, I’ve had to use birch tree or Monk fruit sugar in all my cooking: no honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar. I’m trying to lower my sugar intake as well. Here are a few recipes I enjoy and some I miss! I hope you are healthy and well. Take time to embrace this spring weather and making use of that grill. We sure have been!

Grilled Asian Meatball and Veggie Pockets

Asparagus Eggs Benedict

Creamy Asparagus Soup

See you all next month with a grand tour of our new home and boating adventures.

Melinda, The Cookn Coach!




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