Alone again, naturally: Chapter 9 part 2

This post shares the second week of our 3 week journey alone.  Just imagine riding in a bathtub down a canal 67m high along side a double tanker. YIKES! We visited so many museums, UNESCO exhibits, and even the Atomium!
My best translation and impression from Lutz’s message below:
Ok. It is finally summer and water, water everywhere but not a drop to swim in! No way am I going to take a dip in these canals. I’m waiting for a marina with a pool! But you know those Germans, they swim in anything from ice water to saunas so jumping in the Maas canal was a refreshing experience for one of us! Afterwards Lutz’s swim we took a right turn pass the castle into the river Sambre. In this direction we passed the city of Charleroi. In it’s days it was a booming center for steel production and was instrumental in building the canals in the 1900. Now it’s the “rust belt” which recycles steel (they look like something from the future). The name of the next canal, Charleroi, reveals the secret of the direction we are heading, toward Brussels! We made a stop In Senefe and visited the castle from 1700 (the picture was taken from the castle yard & our boat is harbored in the canal below) We rode our bikes to visit the UNESCO ship lifting lock from 1888. The next day we headed for the 1960 replacement boat lifting lock and rode 67 m down to the city of Ronquieres in a bathtub with a double tanker (this picture is our lift coming up to get us with one small boat. The picture on the right is the UNESCO lift). We arrived at the Yacht Club of Brussels just behind the Royal Palace to spend two days (I think the Royal Family ought to take a peek at how neglected this harbor is, very run down). We visited Brussels and the smell of the waffles were addicting. Yes, I had a bite…The notorious Pissing Little Boy from 1619 was everywhere. Our City tour took us by the Atomium. What a site, amazing engenering!

Here are two super recipes we enjoyed a lot! The Grilled Basil Chicken is marinated in my B&B Pesto all day! The Rustic Pasta is amazingly creamy and flavorful. You can use gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles! I whipped up these Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars using my Cassava Butter Cookie recipe as the crust. Holy moly so easy and great on a hot day!
Grilled Basil Chicken & Rustic Pasta
Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars

Alone again, naturally: Chapter 8 part 1

Alone again, naturally and literally naturally. This time out we planned a four week trip around Belgium so this is part one for your viewing pleasure. We were able to spend some time in “nature, naturally” and rough it…well almost except for my gourmet cooking in the wild!

My best translation and impression of Lutz’s message below!
We left Maasbracht following the Julianna Canal and the Maas Canal upstream to Lattich (Liege) then to Huy up to Namar. The first stop was in an artificial sea made for recreation. We landed on a beautiful shaded island in the middle of the sea. We were all alone with nature and no electricity. The next day we headed for a MEGA lock 14 meters high (thank goodness I do the driving and Lutz does the ropes, yuck). We arrived at Luttich (Liege) for a wonderful visit of the city with a bus tour. The rebuild homes after the war were run down houses from the 60’s but the old downtown was beautiful. One picture shows over 374 steps that lead to a hill top panarama view of the city and the canal (no I did not do walk them!). On the way to Huy you could see the remains of many abandoned industries along the canals. Huy was once a little city and has been there since prehistoric man. Once in habited by the Romans, Belgium and then taken over by the SS as a prison. Heading up stream to Namar was a better view of quaint homes and beautiful scenery. Once again we discovered that the castle here also served as a SS prison camp during WWII.

Here are two super recipes we enjoyed a lot! The grilled basil chicken is marinated in my B&B Pesto all day! The Rustic Pasta is amazingly creamy and flavorful. You can use gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles! I whipped up these Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars using my Cassava Butter Cookie recipe as the crust. Holy moly so easy and great on a hot day!
Grilled Basil Chicken & Rustic Pasta
Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars

Spring and Nature: Chapter 7

The weather is finally picking up! Here is my best translation or close to…

When your were a child your mother taught you to stop at red and go on green. It’s the same for boating and we are happy that the nautical world and nature follows the same rules. In the spring the leaves on the trees ignite with a thousand shades of green so that the canal allies are gorgeous. In the mean time we have come to know our boat better. Plus we have bought a new battery ($$$$). Now we took a risk to moor in mother nature without electricity. With luck we can seek more romantic locations to anchor and enjoy more wilderness. Spring not only offers the various shades of green but you can watch mother nature come alive and train their young. Plus watch the red sunsets in the evenings. This is only possible due to having a new battery!

Boys and Girls Day: Chapter 6

We loved Maastricht so much we decided to plan a Boys weekend and a Girls weekend!

My best translation or close to…

My GOD how beautiful it is here in Maastricht. This is the reason why Melinda and Terri choose here to spend a long sunny weekend. It is the most scenic harbor yet! For almost 20 years Lutz and his “man friends” spend the first week of May together. Usually they head to south France to enjoy the sun and wine but this year they choose to head for the boat and toured Belgium with rain and beer. They did a four lock tour around Maastricht. Those who know both Lutz and Melinda, know we are always eating culinary food! Therefore fresh made french fries, salmon and farm bought spargel headed the list of preferred dinners!


Everything you need in one super place!

The Edeka display was a huge success and there wasn’t a drop left by 1:45 pm that afternoon. Check out what was up for tasting!

Cassava Blueberry Pancakes

Chopped Asian Salad  

Homemade Grain-Free Cassava Century Bread topped off with your choice of two different flavors of Foolproof Mayonnaise: Chipotle and Wasabi Cilantro Lime! 

It was wonderful to meet so many people and to listen to their stories.





It was also interesting to note how many people here in Germany are living the gluten free life or have friends or family traveling this healthy path as well.



Here are a few of the products that the Edeka in Weilderback carries along with their English translations!


Flax seeds and flax flour.


Tapioca flour, and cassava flour.


Almond flour (2 kinds) and coconut flour. They also have Arrowroot flour which is called Pfeilwurzel Mehl.


Natural maple syrup, coconut oil and coconut sugar.

You can also find a wide selection of  ready-made goods in their freezer department, and their gluten, vegan and paleo section. They carry psyllium, agar agar and a super selection of gluten free goods made with Xylitol, like dark chocolate for cooking and eating!


So far everything I’ve needed for creating the recipes on my site can be found at Edeka Weilerbach. Anastasia Kromer-Haag and her husband are very responsive to customer requests and aim to please, so, make sure to speak with her if it’s not on the shelf. Anastasia is so accommodating and personally understands our purchasing challenges!

I am so thrilled that the Edeka in Weilerbach has committed to, and made HUGE steps toward, meeting the communities needs by provide cooking supplies and goods for those who follow a gluten, soy and dairy free lifestyle. Anastasia is in the process of gathering names for a future Cook’n Coach class at her store. Please send them a note on their Facebook page and let them know you would be interested in attending!

Kudos to you Edeka in Weilerbach, my new grocery store!

For the recipes shared this day, click on the links below!

Chopped Asian Salad

Grain Free Cassava Century Bread

Foolproof Mayonnaise