Resources and More: The Essential Thyroid Cookbook

I was asked to read their cookbook, The Essential Thyroid Cookbook and got more than I bargained for. This book has a plethora of concise, easy to understand research that makes SENSE! Plus Jill and Lisa are experts and have personal experiences in the healing power of food! Check out their site and be sure to read their chapter on gains and legumes…this will surprise you. It sure surprised me.

The Essential Thyroid Cookbook

July 2018 Cook’n & Cruise’n the Canals of Belgium

What a great month of traveling.  This month we had another guest along for a ride through Tournai, Belgium. Terri hopped on board and spent four super days exploring the area.

Together we cooked (cassava flour Flammkuchen)…

Toured (Tournai Castle)…

Almost bought a time share (Natural Forest of the Duke of Tournai Castle)…

Bathed (yes in the street)…

and relaxed (on Virus our boat)…

Oh yes, our captain, Lutz was with us all the way. Hated to see her leave but time moves on for us all.

We’ve landed in Gent and plan to tour the city. If you’ve been here before, send me a note as to what we should see, eat and do while here. I’m looking forward to this weekend. The Gent Jazz Festival is happening! Hope I have some good suggestions for your next music selection in my next months post.

By the way, July is upon us! It’s hot and sticky here but I’m not complaining. I’ve got my go to meal already while I’m off touring. Check out these two ridiculously easy 4th of July delights! Belgium Ribs in a Tub and Coconut Raspberry Lemon Cake.


Resources and more: Izabella Wentz

I’m asked a lot of questions from boaters, campers and friends ranging from cook’n to supplements. The one question that tends to pop up most is:
“Where can I read about thyroid and other autoimmune challenges? There’s so much on line it can be a nightmare to determine which sites are authentic and right for me.”

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite trustworthy sites. I’ll try to send a new resource with each monthly post based on the questions I receive from boaters, campers and friends. If you have any questions I would be happy to help you in your search for answers! (Remember Lupus, arthritis, hypothyroid and many more diseases are autoimmune reactions to a root cause).

Izabella Wentz, The Thyroid Pharmacist has a wonderful site with articles that address specific thyroid and autoimmune concerns. She has a very rejoicing story of her own to tell about how she placed herself in remission. Here are a few articles I have shared over the years with boaters, campers and friends:

June 2018 Cook’n and Cruise’n the Canals of Belgium

What a great start to another adventure on the canals of Europe. We began our tour the middle of May 2018 and cruised from Maastricht NL to Liege B, Huy B, Namur B and now we are in Sennefe B.  Once again I’m learning the lesson of being at peace. Our pace is rather slow, 10 miles per hour, and nothing is done in a hurry. Lots of meditation and gratitude prays fill my days.

Oh yes and cooking! Of course I spend a lot of time inventing new and different meals for our time on the boat. Check out the new recipes I’ve posted at the end of this June 2018 Cook’n and Cruise’n post.
We had some of the most beautiful spots to anchor and for a few days we were blessed with sun!

Many of you know that I decided to learn how to drive this boat so I could avoid dealing with the disgusting walls of the locks…yes, your restroom habits are disposed into the canals! But as you can see some of the driving can be a little tense at times, yes that’s a bridge and we had to take the windows down as well to make it to our harbor!

We also entertained guest! Lutz’s cousin, Uli, came aboard for a few days and we so enjoyed having her. I’m sure it was memorable for her as well since she learned the lesson “keep your phone on the dashboard”. She slipped it into her pocket that was not stitched and it fell straight into the canal! “Call me Uli when you get your new phone please!”
Every 3 or 4 days we’d ride our bikes to replenish our food and water supplies or just take off and check the area. Like the day we road for 2 hours one way to our next lock and back home.What surprised me most with Belgium and Netherland bike people is that they use electric bikes and say they’ve exercised. I find it strange since this land is pretty flat!

So far we are enjoying our days on the canals and especially when we can talk about the sites, read and just spend time together.
Check out the many new recipes I’ve posted on my site. Here are two super easy ones which can be created without electricity or an oven! Thanks for staying with us on our Cook’n and Cruise’n the Canals 2018 tour! See you next month with more adventures and creative cook’n.

Dark Chocolate Covered Sunflower Truffles

South of the Border Slaw

Back from the other side of the pond!

What a super seven months in USA. I got my fill (Lutz’s as well) of family, grandchildren, friends and camping. Just when I thought I had enough, the minute I landed on this side of the pond I missed them all and our beautiful campsites. So many memories and good times. I took tons of pictures and so this post is a visual tour of some very special moments and events during our USA 2017-2018 trip in USA. Please scroll through, and at the end are some very delicious recipes I discovered while creating something new each day! Enjoy the “verb” al- tour…

Visiting Family:


Visiting Friends:




Protesting & Marching:


Hanging out:
















Working & Repairing:




and Cooking:


Plus we made sure we practiced “Creating something new each day…and tried cooking!” I’ve added several new recipes to my site. Here are a few new creations I’ve posted. Please try them out and leave me a note. I’d love to hear from you.


Better Beets                                     Buttery Biscuits and Gravy                                Italian Zudooles