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April 2020: 4 Weeks of Quarantine & Still Grateful! - The CooK'n Coach

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April 2020: 4 Weeks of Quarantine & Still Grateful!

April 2020: 4 Weeks of Quarantine & Still Grateful!


We started our quarantine a week early as a result of several articles I had been reading regarding this crazy Virus and how it can seriously affect those with autoimmune challenges. So, here we are after four weeks and I have to say I’ve had some pretty amazing personal growth travels and also visiting new and old relationships. Yes, VISITING relationships. That’s like an oxymoron right…we’re practicing social distancing!

First off, my monthly communication with family in the USA has changed to daily or every other day. Even though it might be through messenger, FaceTime of another social media avenue we connect more often. We talk about our lives, friends and mostly memories! I’ve had the greatest privilege of creating a book and a video for my mother’s 90th birthday. I’ve been working closely with my son. For the past 6 or 7 months, I’ve collected memories and pictures from her friends and family to create these two projects and they finally came together on April 7th (yes, I was born on my mom’s birthday…grateful she shared it with me!).

This time has been a real blessing for me. I see my mom through the eyes of friends, relatives, and family members. It’s given me a new perspective and appreciation for her as a WOMAN, not just a mom. You might want to try this…it can help fill your downtime, change perspectives, and generate gratefulness.

Here are the links to the video and the book if you’re interested!

Book purchase link:

Video link:

In addition, we’ve made a concerted effort to try to check in on neighbors in our building that have been here as long as we have. One is unable to walk well and the other is going those some medical challenges. We check in on them, drop off some baked goods, and let them know when we are going to the store to see if they need anything. Plus, having to be quarantined with the man I love 24/7 has turned into a wonderful holiday. We talk about real things, we share the same space and read silently together or watch up-lifting movies together. I cook his favorite foods and we eat dinner on the new table with candles, not at the counter. An additional bonus, my German is getting so much better. We have time to chat and Lutz is really a great teacher. Such patience ;). Crazy why has it taken such a situation to create community.

I’ve also gained a new perspective on nature.  If I had to choose where to spend my time it would definitely be outdoors. But, to be grateful for it and the scenery has always been taken for granted. So often we’re traveling in our camper or boat and racing from one point to another. We carry portable bikes on each yet, when I ride my bike now or take a walk in the wood, I realize how fragile this gift is and how grateful I am for the privilege to explore nature.

My walking and my bike slow me down and since I have nowhere to go or be I find I am spending more time absorbing nature.

Remember I’m in Germany and the wood and bike trails abound with no one around! People we did see kept their social distance and were well behaved (good old German discipline).

On one of those amazing walks, we ended up visiting a castle and then hiking to the top of a huge mountain overlooking this massive castle and admiring how old it was and that it was still standing.

A gust of wind came up behind me and blew through my thoughts. It seemed to whisper “Who’s older? That castle or me the wind”. How true… that wind has been around for centuries. If I could just read its thoughts and see what it has seen. I’ve become more mindful of the sounds in nature. They do speak you know…

(The castle from the top of the hill can be seen in the middle right between the trees)

My last discovery (at this time) regarding gratefulness has been for my cooking. I so appreciate my mother who taught me the joys of creative cooking and entertaining. As a child, my sisters and brother and I were brought up in a home where the door was always wide open. LITERLLY…mom used to say “why should I lock the door? If they want in bad enough they’ll just break a window and I’d rather not pay for that, plus we don’t own a thing of value”. My father was the captain of the lifeguards in Del Mar and it was not uncommon for him to bring home 2or 3 guards for dinner during the week. Mom was always throwing another cup of water in the soup or a can of this or that to stretch the meal. I’m grateful I have that same passion. Cooking during this time as been therapeutic and each meal has been served with all the fixings. Plus a little leftover for locked in neighbors.

Then…Mom on the left front. Dad in the yellow shirt sitting in the chair on the left.

(and now!)

So as you can see my understanding of gratefulness is growing and changing in spite of this terrible virus. There are so many sorrowful challenges facing so many people at this time. I’m encouraged to hear their stories of gratefulness “in spite of” all that has befallen them. Whether you’re a working parent, a single parent, out of a job, a single, a couple, a child or teen, something good can come out of this. I would love to hear other positive outcomes people have experienced during this time. If you’re willing to share, please take a few minutes and write it in the comments. It’s time we began communicating gratefulness. You never know what your experience might bring to others. Just a thought…What would this world look like if we all were to continue to embrace these new lessons of  “gratefulness” after this virus is gone? I sure hope I continue to be more mindful and pro-active.

If you’re looking for inspiring reports during this time I strongly suggest you take a peek at my resource page. I just published a great article from CNN’S Good Stuff.  It will fill your heart with joy and gratitude!

Until next month, may you be open to the love and Light that flows your way…Hugs and stay inside!


The Cookn Coach




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