Healthy Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Soy for Serious Eaters

Sweet Internet Finds

Sweet Internet Finds


I could fill this section with so many great sites, but I’m not going to bore you….lol. Below are a couple of new cooking sites I enjoy going back to often and a couple of sites for discovering new adventures and places in the world.

National Geographic – I was amazed to find free access to this fabulous site. Seriously, I thought you had to pay since they publish the National Geographic magazine, but there are MILLIONS of resources and wonderful stories of archeology, science, history, space, etc. Even resources for kids to do their homework!!!!

Germany’s Best Scenic Drives – Ok, so we can’t really go anywhere, but we can still have something to look forward to! These are some great locations for your next family drive…if you’re close enough. Some could be day trips and provide a change of scenery during this time!

Herb’s for Hashimoto’s – Regardless, if you have thyroid challenges, this shortlist of herbs is great to have on hand. You can print it off! Lot’s of info on plants and healing.

The Paleo Way – This little booklet gives you a great overview of implementing a Paleo diet. I love the way they made lists of specific food groups and laid them out! Print it off for a quick tip list.

The Gluten-Free Alchemist – This is a new site for me and one that I have enjoyed exploring. I’ve made her “Gluten-free B (grain-free)” flour mixture and have done a bit of experimenting with it. I love that you can make a boatload and keep it for when the urge hits you! I have toyed with it and replaced a bit of the flour with buckwheat and cassava and have gotten some great results. I’ll be sharing them on my site soon, so hang in there.

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