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Where Did Many Of Our Well Loved Recipes Originate?

Where Did Many Of Our Well Loved Recipes Originate?


I’ve got 3 wonderful resources today that have greatly influenced my thinking and recipes regarding their origins and paying respect to the people who have passed them on.

Did you ever wonder were some of those yummy recipes came from? I have and decided to do some research and was very surprised by what I learned…

Consuming Passion

I just finished reading the most enjoyable book by Michael Lee West untitled, Consuming Passion. The book is filled with hilarious family antidotes and recipes while growing up in the south. It got me to thinking about my cooking and how I can better share the history and origins of my creations since many are inherited from my southern family origins and my travels in Europe. This book is delightful and filled with great recipes that definitely we all have most likely tried at one time! Click here to check it out!

Excavating The South’s African American Food History (copy title and drop in your search engine)

Oh my, was I surprised with what I discovered in this article published in the African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter, written by Anne Yentsch entitle, Excavating the South’s African American Food History. This article definitely gave me a new perspective by showing the ingenious contributions of the enslaved Black people to what we call “southern cooking”. I strongly recommend this article if you’re interested in paying respect to those who have influenced your cooking over the years! Highlight the title and drop it in your search engine…it’s a PDF.

Daring Creatively

Along these lines, I have a friend, Cathy Marziali, that has started a blog page to give honor to her husbands’ Italian family recipes which have influenced her cooking. She’s working hard to re-create them and sharing snippets of family memories. It’s a delightful site called Daring Creatively


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