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Sweet Netflix Movies

Sweet Netflix Movies


One way I get my body up and out of the reading chair is to watch a movie. It keeps me on my eclipse for an hour, and then the next day, I can’t wait to get back on and finish the last half. Of course, if I catch a series, then I’m set for a week. I love to watch mysteries and, of course, historical fiction. Comedy is always welcome as long as it makes me laugh. I’ve made you a list of sweet flicks we’ve watched on Netflix. I hope they sweeten up your month! If you’re interested in more, send me an email!

Lupin – (Action & Mystery) French with English voice over. It’s a take-off from Maurice Leblanc’s books about a modern-day thief who implements the historic authors’ strategies to commit crimes today.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – (Cultural, Historical, feminist) The amazing rise of Ma Rainey, a black female blues singer in the world of music, and how she maintains her ground! Make you want to dance!

Jack Reacher – (Action Thriller) This is the first film from the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. Never Look Back – Number 2 from Jack Reacher Series by Lee Child. Both are teeth biting movies. Oh yeah…do I need to mention that Tom Cruise plays Reacher!

Red Sparrow – (Action, Thriller, Spy) This movie is not for the faint. It’s heavy and does not stop, and neither can you once you start. It kept me on the eclipse for over an hour. Oh, and don’t watch it at night or at least have someone with you. It’s scary as heck and insane plot, but the end is so great.

Made in Dagenham – (Political, Historical, feminist) This was such an inspiring movie. It takes place in London in the automotive industry during the labor strikes of 1968. It’s a story of how women fought to earn the same income as men. It just makes you want to protest all over again!

The Accountant – (Crime & Adventure) Hold on to your seat. This one is a sleeper. It starts slow, then picks up speed until you can’t leave the screen to go to the WC…seriously. Great flick!

A Little Chaos – (Romantic, Fiction) This was so fun to watch and temptingly believable. If you’ve been to Versailles and seen the gardens, this is a great historic plot regarding the gardens architect and the woman who took on the job to design them. The guy in the story is one of the main actors in Red Sparrow!

Why Him? – (Modern Day Comedy) This movie kept me laughing through the entire thing. It just brought back so many memories of my own family and how my parents reacted to my sister’s and my choice of dates and life-long partners. Want a good laugh? Here it is, and I’m game to watch it again.

The Saint – (Action, Thriller, humor) Simon Templar is a master thief hired to find a wealthy banker’s kidnapped daughter. Hang on! It’s filled with twists and turns and great humorous moments.

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