Our Services

If you love cooking––or simply love eating––take a peek at some of the other services I enjoy providing to people like you. Please contact me if any of these adventures appeal to you and your lifestyle.

CooK’n Clean Need a little help getting started? I’m available to come into your home and help you sort out your supplies and replace them with nurtitious REAL food! Even a tour of the local shops where you can find fresh healthy dairy, gluten and soy free foods.

CooK’n Cozy Want to have a cooking party or 1 on 1 at your home? Give me a call. You select the menu and I will show you how to do the foods you love with a new twist! (number depends on the kitchen)

CooK’n Kids Want your kids eating healthier snacks? I’ll come into your home and cook with your kids! Invite their friends.

CooK´n Class – Periodic cooking classes held in local restaurants. Check under Event registration on my web site for location, fees, dates and time or contact me.

Cook’n & Camp’n – On the road again! learn how to stay gluten, dairy and soy free while camping! Recipes, tips and ideas for traveling and camping in style and staying true to your health.