Resources & More: Looking for RESEARCHED based nutrition Facts?

This site brings me pure joy. Dr. Michael Greger is bright, intelligent and presents his finding in a hilarious manner which keeps me entrenched in his short audio discussions. Seriously if you have 2-3 minutes a day to listen… Read More

Resources & More: The People’s Pharmacy

This is a great site for all your home remedies! It addresses options for traditional and non-traditional remedies for dealing with daily health challenges. I especially like the way they present both sides of traditional and herbal options…. Read More

Resources & More: Working My Magic

Yes, I do have magic and you’re going to need it if you’re planning to cook some of these amazing dishes I’ve created on a boat, an RV or in your home. People always ask how on earth… Read More

Resources & More: Barlow Herbals

Are you interested in herbal healing treatments and research? You’ve got to check out this new site I found. These folks are real people and took over their botanist fathers business when he died. All their supplements are… Read More

Resources & More: The Healthy Foodie

I discovered Sonia’s site, The Healthy Foodie, when I first started out on this adventure in 2013 and even bought her cookbook, which I recommend highly: Paleo Home Cooking. Sonia has branched off into other healthy food recipes adding a few… Read More

Resources & More: The Essential Thyroid Cookbook

I was asked to read their cookbook, The Essential Thyroid Cookbook and got more than I bargained for. This book has a plethora of concise, easy to understand research that makes SENSE! Plus Jill and Lisa are experts… Read More

Resources & More: Izabella Wentz

I’m asked a lot of questions from boaters, campers and friends ranging from cook’n to supplements. The one question that tends to pop up most is: “Where can I read about thyroid and other autoimmune challenges? There’s so much on line… Read More