August 2019: Let the Sun Shine, the Sun Shine In!

I’ve decided to title each new post with a song so it will be in your head all day long! Every time you sing you’ll remember ME, The Cookn Coach! So let the music begin. What weather whirlwind… Read More

July 2019: Now We’re Cook’n!

Yes, the sun is out, the rain is gone, and we’re moving on! We’ve visited some of the coolest towns in the Netherlands. Just to catch up, Last month we landed in Hattem and welcomed our friend Mike aboard!… Read More

June 2019: Grey Skies Ahead!

What a month! Rain, Rain, Rain…and thunder! Now, nothing but grey skies coming my way. We’re making our way to Friesland via the historic water trade route. So much history and quaint old villages. I highly recommend that… Read More

May 2019: Waiting for the sun!

Ok, this is not how it’s supposed to be. Rain, Rain, Rain, and then snow in APRIL! We’ve returned from our wonderful trip to Vienna and Italy. Had a quick pit stop in our home in Kaiserslautern and… Read More

April 2019: Street Eats with The Cook’n Coach

We’re back from our April travels! What an amazing adventure exploring and sampling savory and sweet “street eats”. Just to let you know, I worked my magic to stay gluten, soy and dairy free but sometimes things just… Read More

March 2019: The Cook’n Coach Hits the Streets for Some Good Eats!

OK, well I haven’t quite stopped cooking altogether it’s just that I’m back and we’ve been on the go ever since we’ve returned from the USA. April we’re taking off for a month long road trip. How to… Read More

February 2019 Cook’n and Camp’n

Things are blooming here! Still hanging out with Johnny and Cash. For those of you new to this site, Johnny is our dependable Chevy Truck and Cash is our RV, well need I say more…CASH! We’ve made it… Read More

January 2019 Cook’n and Camp’n

  Ok, I know the “New Year” has already begun but my goal is to improve my memory all year and being more focused by doing unforgettable things. What do you think of that! I’ll start it off… Read More

November 2018 Cook’n & Camp’n

Back in the USA! I think I’m getting too old for all this moving about! The thing that keeps me going is my grandkids and spending time with them. This year I missed Eva’s birthday but I brought… Read More

October 2018 Cook’n & Cruise’n the Canals

This summer went so dang fast! Seriously… it’s hard to believe we’ve been on the boat for almost four months. At the beginning of September, we ended up leaving Virus in one of our favorite places, Maastricht NL.  … Read More