From Gouda to Leiden: Chapter 12

Well, we’re slowing down and heading home for a few weeks to be closer to Lutz’s 96 year old mother. So I’m only posting one chapter this month. BUT, still filled with some of my tasty desserts! The… Read More

Ophoven to Gouda: Chapter 11

We are off again and still married after all the company and trials! It’s been so fun to visit so many places and still eat gluten, soy and dairy free! BUT I have to say…Gouda is Cheese country,… Read More

Alone Again, Naturally: Chapter 10 part 3

Still cruise’n and cook’n on the canals. This is part 3 of our trip through Belgium alone. As usual we spent our days grilling in the sun and enjoying the great scenery and people of this land. Check… Read More

Alone again, naturally: Chapter 9 part 2

This post shares the second week of our 3 week journey alone.  Just imagine riding in a bathtub down a canal 67m high along side a double tanker. YIKES! We visited so many museums, UNESCO exhibits, and even the… Read More

Alone again, naturally: Chapter 8 part 1

Alone again, naturally and literally naturally. This time out we planned a four week trip around Belgium so this is part one for your viewing pleasure. We were able to spend some time in “nature, naturally” and rough it…well… Read More

Spring and Nature: Chapter 7

The weather is finally picking up! Here is my best translation or close to… When your were a child your mother taught you to stop at red and go on green. It’s the same for boating and we… Read More

Boys and Girls Day: Chapter 6

We loved Maastricht so much we decided to plan a Boys weekend and a Girls weekend! My best translation or close to… My GOD how beautiful it is here in Maastricht. This is the reason why Melinda and… Read More

Everything you need in one super place!

The Edeka display was a huge success and there wasn’t a drop left by 1:45 pm that afternoon. Check out what was up for tasting! Cassava Blueberry Pancakes      Chopped Asian Salad   Homemade Grain-Free Cassava Century Bread… Read More

Look out Edeka…I’m Ready!

Drop by and say HI! Ok ok ok ok…I promised to only send you a newsletter once a month but this month has been filled with great surprises and events that I just had to send you a quickie!… Read More

Baked Bread on a Boat…IMPOSSIBLE?

No it is POSSIBLE. You just have to use your creativity and imagination AND a little help from GFJules!  I thought cooking bread on a boat or in an RV was impossible. Really I have to admit I… Read More