The Whole Yam-Dam-Fam!: Chapter 14

What a great trip these last few months. The weather was cooperative and the cook’n was fine. It was so great to spend 2 weeks on the boat with my sister, Melissa, her husband, Steve and my SUPERMOM 87 year old Peggy!

Here is Lutz’s newsletter and my best translation…with a little personal impressions:

From our current harbor in Haarlem, Amsterdam was only 15 minutes by train. Amsterdam is a pretty city but overloaded with tourist. Therefore we quickly returned to our boat in Haarlem harbor with Melinda’s family in tow.

We felt that Melinda’s family should experience the full spectrum of Holland so the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Teyler Museum in Haarlem were a must see for sure. Over the eastern ring canal we motored through the Westeinderplassen, the little river Drecht & Grecht and then into the city Woerden. One of the bridges we had to go under was so low we only had 6 inch clearance even after lowering the Bimini and all the windows.

The trip provided many tourist attractions and some very unique canal tours that were not your typical routes. It was a quaint and culture rich tour. We moored in the nature next to windmills, in the wilderness and in impressive city harbors with the restaurant right at the dock. Our last evening with Melinda’s family was spent in Leiden where they caught a 20 minute taxi ride to the Amsterdam airport.

Melinda served up her delicious meals from her website recipes and no one starved! Lutz stayed busy with planning navigation and ensuring we all had a safe and fun trip.

Stay tuned for more Cook’n Coach recipes for RV’n! I’ll be heading to USA to Join Johnny (our truck) and Cash (our 5th Wheel…it eats up our cash) next week. So excited to see my grandchildren, Ruby and Eva (ok and my granddogs, Merle and Hank), plus my two kids, Jarrod and Jericho.

Looking for a dessert that a snap to make and adds to your holiday gathering?  This is the best dessert ever, Lemon-Lime Zucchini Bread! It’s so moist and tangy, brings a bit of sunshine to your tastebuds!

Thanks for keeping up with my travels and all the kind emails and SMS’. Hope your Monday holiday is filled with family and friends plus lots of good cooking! Don’t forget to whip up a batch of Foolproof Mayo and Spicy Catsup to go with those hamburgers and hotdogs. They’re so easy to make and only take a minute each to create.


From Gouda to Leiden: Chapter 12

Well, we’re slowing down and heading home for a few weeks to be closer to Lutz’s 96 year old mother. So I’m only posting one chapter this month. BUT, still filled with some of my tasty desserts! The cool thing about these two recipes is that I use already posted recipes to CREATE something new! They make super-easy, quick desserts for when the sweet tooth calls.

Enjoy one today while you read Chapter 12 of our travels!
Easy Peasy Chocolate Mousse Pie
Rhubarb Crumble

Here’s my best translation of Lutz’s Newsletter (plus my own impressions):

Melinda and I spent some days alone in Gouda until our friends, Gabi and Erich joined us. A culinary week lay ahead of us all. Gabi and Melinda worked wonders in the kitchen, I grilled and Erich did the drinks and washed the dishes (thank you Erich!!!). Delicious, delicious, delicious! We didn’t drive too many kilometers with the boat, but we enjoyed our trip from Gouda, crossing the Braassenmermeer to Leiden. We peddled a lot with our bikes, passing an enormous amount of windmills (used as pumps to gain land). We also passed fields of cows (whose only fence was a trough of water on all sides…(I thought cows swim?). Leiden was a remarkable city with canals throughout and small bridges, restaurants and shops. We drove to the North sea to Katwijk and road our bikes along the sea (yes, it was so great for me to see the sea). On this trip, Lutz found, by accident, the small beach town Noordwijk where he spent a vacation 55 years ago with his family. (By the way, the purple lounger is filled with wind and is amazing).

Ophoven to Gouda: Chapter 11

We are off again and still married after all the company and trials! It’s been so fun to visit so many places and still eat gluten, soy and dairy free! BUT I have to say…Gouda is Cheese country, and my taste of cheese. So…I sought out a factory that made goat cheese from raw goats milk. So tasty! But I’m back on the saddle now.

Check out these tasty meals we prepared on our trip, and give them a try. Love to hear how you adapt them and use your creativity to infuse them with your own bright ideas!

Grilled Pocket Pesto Chicken & Veggie Pockets
Grilled Steamed Veggie Pockets
Grilled Asian Meatballs & Veggie Pockets

Here is my best translation of Lutz’s newsletter (I do add my own impressions):
We returned to our home harbor in Ophoven near Maasbracht and headed out down the Maas passing Roermond to Venlo. This little town is overloaded each week with German shoppers (and I know why!!). It’s a cute little town with unique shops. Further down the Maas we made a few stops on different Plassens. These are lakes which were created by digging up sand (to keep Holland afloat I think!). After a day on the canals we reached Hertogenbosch. This is where we toured a cool museum and learned about Hieronymus Bosch, the artist. We also received our guest, Andreas. The next highlight was the De Biesbosch. This is Europe’s largest natural preserve of sweetwater river created from the tides. The depth of the river was so low at some points we were only able to tour portions. After this area, we visited the lovely towns Heusten and Gorinchem. Through the Merwede Canal we reached the most breathtaking scene, the Hollandische Ijssel Canal. This led us through Oudewater and on to Gouda. Oh my God we saw so many beautiful sites: nature, pleasure lakes, canals, romantic cities and middle-aged protected cities. In Gouda along the city canals (from the 1600’s) or Grachtens there were cafes, restaurants, and shops (can you believe I didn’t buy a thing?). Our guest, Andreas departed by train to return to Germany. (We cleaned, washed sheets and prepared for our next visitors who are arriving today!)


Alone Again, Naturally: Chapter 10 part 3

Still cruise’n and cook’n on the canals. This is part 3 of our trip through Belgium alone. As usual we spent our days grilling in the sun and enjoying the great scenery and people of this land.

Check out these cool grill packet recipes I’ve been doing. They’re so easy and can be prepared a day in advance. Since the wether is nice I’d rather spend the day above board instead of in the kitchen. The nice thing about these super meals is the clean up! No dishes except your plates and silverware!

Grilled Pocket Pesto Chicken & Veggie Pockets
Grilled Steamed Veggie Pockets
Grilled Asian Meatballs & Veggie Pockets

My best translation of Lutz’s newsletter below: (…) are my impressions!
We had to stay one day longer in Brussels due to heavy rain and a storm. The next day it was over but the wind was a level 5! Didn’t matter. We took off (and braved the storm). Lots of difficulties this trip: a bridge that did not open (or did not understand Lutz’s French over the radio), 2 defective locks caused us to miss the tide time in the bay of Schelde, so we had to wait for the next tide. After a long day, we finally reached the romantic town harbor of Mechelen. We continued our tour on to Lier (the clock tower was so beautiful). Both cities were well worth the visit. In Belgium we had to fill up the boat with over 400 liters of diesel! Amazing no sales tax when you pay cash…LOL. A few romantic stops in the nature and our tour was complete! Then, we had a 2 week break at home taking care of business…(yes we do return to the real world now and then).

Alone again, naturally: Chapter 9 part 2

This post shares the second week of our 3 week journey alone.  Just imagine riding in a bathtub down a canal 67m high along side a double tanker. YIKES! We visited so many museums, UNESCO exhibits, and even the Atomium!
My best translation and impression from Lutz’s message below:
Ok. It is finally summer and water, water everywhere but not a drop to swim in! No way am I going to take a dip in these canals. I’m waiting for a marina with a pool! But you know those Germans, they swim in anything from ice water to saunas so jumping in the Maas canal was a refreshing experience for one of us! Afterwards Lutz’s swim we took a right turn pass the castle into the river Sambre. In this direction we passed the city of Charleroi. In it’s days it was a booming center for steel production and was instrumental in building the canals in the 1900. Now it’s the “rust belt” which recycles steel (they look like something from the future). The name of the next canal, Charleroi, reveals the secret of the direction we are heading, toward Brussels! We made a stop In Senefe and visited the castle from 1700 (the picture was taken from the castle yard & our boat is harbored in the canal below) We rode our bikes to visit the UNESCO ship lifting lock from 1888. The next day we headed for the 1960 replacement boat lifting lock and rode 67 m down to the city of Ronquieres in a bathtub with a double tanker (this picture is our lift coming up to get us with one small boat. The picture on the right is the UNESCO lift). We arrived at the Yacht Club of Brussels just behind the Royal Palace to spend two days (I think the Royal Family ought to take a peek at how neglected this harbor is, very run down). We visited Brussels and the smell of the waffles were addicting. Yes, I had a bite…The notorious Pissing Little Boy from 1619 was everywhere. Our City tour took us by the Atomium. What a site, amazing engenering!

Here are two super recipes we enjoyed a lot! The Grilled Basil Chicken is marinated in my B&B Pesto all day! The Rustic Pasta is amazingly creamy and flavorful. You can use gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles! I whipped up these Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars using my Cassava Butter Cookie recipe as the crust. Holy moly so easy and great on a hot day!
Grilled Basil Chicken & Rustic Pasta
Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars