Resources & More: Going Dairy-Free?

EVEN if you don’t have thyroid challenges but are experiencing upper respiratory problems and frequent occurring sinus and ear infections…continue reading!

People are always telling me “My sinus are killing me and always draining,” I say “try stopping dairy for a week.” They immediately respond  “I’m not allergic to dairy, I had the test, why should I stop?” Well, there’s such a thing as food sensitivities. I said the same thing. I’ve been tested for EVERYTHING, seriously. But no allergies.

I did my own experiment after three years of no gluten, soy or dairy, which eliminated all my sinus symptoms. This last year I started adding a bit of diary each month. The next morning after consuming it I had all the symptoms Dr. Wentz lists in this article. I knew dairy was one of the culprits that caused many of the symptoms she identifies. Now if I eat it my husband says “stop complaining. You know what to do.” Check it out…I challenge you to read this one! Click here to find out more!

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