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Yes, I do have magic and you’re going to need it if you’re planning to cook some of these amazing dishes I’ve created on a boat, an RV or in your home. People always ask how on earth did you do this in your RV or on your boat. Well here’s a peek of what I do have and a few of my cooking tools! Actually, I have 3 sets of each…one for the boat in Europe, one for the RV in the USA and one set for my home in Germany (plus a few more toys).

First off both my boat and RV have very limited cooking space!


My kitchen in my home is a bit bigger and a lot more storage for my fun appliances.

Here are my most necessary tools I use in all three of my kitchens! So if you’re heading out for a holiday on a boat or RV you might want to think about taking a few of the following:
  • Crockpot (small works well for 2 or 4 people or sauces)
  • An immersion blender with attachments and small processor attachment
  • Toaster oven (I use a small pan for cooking my cakes, bread, and cookies in this baby)
  • Whisk and heavy duty wooden spoon
  • Grater
  • Pizza stone
  • Pans/dishes that can fit in my crockpot and toaster oven for baking in
  • Spices, spices and then some more spices
  • All three kitchens have microwaves which I don’t use. My RV has a convection oven which I do use!
  • Smoothie blender and,
  • most importantly…our grill!

I have to say most meals are your every day, bio meat, salads, and veggies! The thing I try to do is use a robust variety of herbs and seasoning to make each dish a bit different. I like to create something new each day, so I’ll experiment by combining flavors and this brings our everyday dishes to a new level. Now it’s your turn to try your magic with one of my recipes or create your own…just do it!

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