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I discovered Sonia’s site, The Healthy Foodie, when I first started out on this adventure in 2013 and even bought her cookbook, which I recommend highly: Paleo Home Cooking.

Sonia has branched off into other healthy food recipes adding a few organic dairy products here and there even a super decadent dessert site. All in all, I love to read her recipes.  She has some amazing ideas and when I received her last post for Chunky Tzatziki Sauce I knew I had to use my once a month dairy allotment to whipping this up.

I highly recommend you check out her site and especially this recipe if you’re experimenting with adding dairy back in your lifestyle. As I said, I will eat dairy maybe once a month but it causes too much inflammation for me. This one I just had to try and boy was it good! Maybe I’ll experiment with Kefir.

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