Resources & More: Izabella Wentz

I’m asked a lot of questions from boaters, campers and friends ranging from cook’n to supplements. The one question that tends to pop up most is:
“Where can I read about thyroid and other autoimmune challenges? There’s so much on line it can be a nightmare to determine which sites are authentic and right for me.”

Today I’d like to share one of my favorite trustworthy sites. I’ll try to send a new resource with each monthly post based on the questions I receive from boaters, campers and friends. If you have any questions I would be happy to help you in your search for answers! (Remember Lupus, arthritis, hypothyroid and many more diseases are autoimmune reactions to a root cause).

Izabella Wentz, The Thyroid Pharmacist has a wonderful site with articles that address specific thyroid and autoimmune concerns. She has a very rejoicing story of her own to tell about how she placed herself in remission. Here are a few articles I have shared over the years with boaters, campers and friends:

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