From Gouda to Leiden: Chapter 12

Well, we’re slowing down and heading home for a few weeks to be closer to Lutz’s 96 year old mother. So I’m only posting one chapter this month. BUT, still filled with some of my tasty desserts! The cool thing about these two recipes is that I use already posted recipes to CREATE something new! They make super-easy, quick desserts for when the sweet tooth calls.

Enjoy one today while you read Chapter 12 of our travels!
Easy Peasy Chocolate Mousse Pie
Rhubarb Crumble

Here’s my best translation of Lutz’s Newsletter (plus my own impressions):

Melinda and I spent some days alone in Gouda until our friends, Gabi and Erich joined us. A culinary week lay ahead of us all. Gabi and Melinda worked wonders in the kitchen, I grilled and Erich did the drinks and washed the dishes (thank you Erich!!!). Delicious, delicious, delicious! We didn’t drive too many kilometers with the boat, but we enjoyed our trip from Gouda, crossing the Braassenmermeer to Leiden. We peddled a lot with our bikes, passing an enormous amount of windmills (used as pumps to gain land). We also passed fields of cows (whose only fence was a trough of water on all sides…(I thought cows swim?). Leiden was a remarkable city with canals throughout and small bridges, restaurants and shops. We drove to the North sea to Katwijk and road our bikes along the sea (yes, it was so great for me to see the sea). On this trip, Lutz found, by accident, the small beach town Noordwijk where he spent a vacation 55 years ago with his family. (By the way, the purple lounger is filled with wind and is amazing).

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