Ophoven to Gouda: Chapter 11

We are off again and still married after all the company and trials! It’s been so fun to visit so many places and still eat gluten, soy and dairy free! BUT I have to say…Gouda is Cheese country, and my taste of cheese. So…I sought out a factory that made goat cheese from raw goats milk. So tasty! But I’m back on the saddle now.

Check out these tasty meals we prepared on our trip, and give them a try. Love to hear how you adapt them and use your creativity to infuse them with your own bright ideas!

Grilled Pocket Pesto Chicken & Veggie Pockets
Grilled Steamed Veggie Pockets
Grilled Asian Meatballs & Veggie Pockets

Here is my best translation of Lutz’s newsletter (I do add my own impressions):
We returned to our home harbor in Ophoven near Maasbracht and headed out down the Maas passing Roermond to Venlo. This little town is overloaded each week with German shoppers (and I know why!!). It’s a cute little town with unique shops. Further down the Maas we made a few stops on different Plassens. These are lakes which were created by digging up sand (to keep Holland afloat I think!). After a day on the canals we reached Hertogenbosch. This is where we toured a cool museum and learned about Hieronymus Bosch, the artist. We also received our guest, Andreas. The next highlight was the De Biesbosch. This is Europe’s largest natural preserve of sweetwater river created from the tides. The depth of the river was so low at some points we were only able to tour portions. After this area, we visited the lovely towns Heusten and Gorinchem. Through the Merwede Canal we reached the most breathtaking scene, the Hollandische Ijssel Canal. This led us through Oudewater and on to Gouda. Oh my God we saw so many beautiful sites: nature, pleasure lakes, canals, romantic cities and middle-aged protected cities. In Gouda along the city canals (from the 1600’s) or Grachtens there were cafes, restaurants, and shops (can you believe I didn’t buy a thing?). Our guest, Andreas departed by train to return to Germany. (We cleaned, washed sheets and prepared for our next visitors who are arriving today!)


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