Alone Again, Naturally: Chapter 10 part 3

Still cruise’n and cook’n on the canals. This is part 3 of our trip through Belgium alone. As usual we spent our days grilling in the sun and enjoying the great scenery and people of this land.

Check out these cool grill packet recipes I’ve been doing. They’re so easy and can be prepared a day in advance. Since the wether is nice I’d rather spend the day above board instead of in the kitchen. The nice thing about these super meals is the clean up! No dishes except your plates and silverware!

Grilled Pocket Pesto Chicken & Veggie Pockets
Grilled Steamed Veggie Pockets
Grilled Asian Meatballs & Veggie Pockets

My best translation of Lutz’s newsletter below: (…) are my impressions!
We had to stay one day longer in Brussels due to heavy rain and a storm. The next day it was over but the wind was a level 5! Didn’t matter. We took off (and braved the storm). Lots of difficulties this trip: a bridge that did not open (or did not understand Lutz’s French over the radio), 2 defective locks caused us to miss the tide time in the bay of Schelde, so we had to wait for the next tide. After a long day, we finally reached the romantic town harbor of Mechelen. We continued our tour on to Lier (the clock tower was so beautiful). Both cities were well worth the visit. In Belgium we had to fill up the boat with over 400 liters of diesel! Amazing no sales tax when you pay cash…LOL. A few romantic stops in the nature and our tour was complete! Then, we had a 2 week break at home taking care of business…(yes we do return to the real world now and then).

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