Alone again, naturally: Chapter 9 part 2

This post shares the second week of our 3 week journey alone.  Just imagine riding in a bathtub down a canal 67m high along side a double tanker. YIKES! We visited so many museums, UNESCO exhibits, and even the Atomium!
My best translation and impression from Lutz’s message below:
Ok. It is finally summer and water, water everywhere but not a drop to swim in! No way am I going to take a dip in these canals. I’m waiting for a marina with a pool! But you know those Germans, they swim in anything from ice water to saunas so jumping in the Maas canal was a refreshing experience for one of us! Afterwards Lutz’s swim we took a right turn pass the castle into the river Sambre. In this direction we passed the city of Charleroi. In it’s days it was a booming center for steel production and was instrumental in building the canals in the 1900. Now it’s the “rust belt” which recycles steel (they look like something from the future). The name of the next canal, Charleroi, reveals the secret of the direction we are heading, toward Brussels! We made a stop In Senefe and visited the castle from 1700 (the picture was taken from the castle yard & our boat is harbored in the canal below) We rode our bikes to visit the UNESCO ship lifting lock from 1888. The next day we headed for the 1960 replacement boat lifting lock and rode 67 m down to the city of Ronquieres in a bathtub with a double tanker (this picture is our lift coming up to get us with one small boat. The picture on the right is the UNESCO lift). We arrived at the Yacht Club of Brussels just behind the Royal Palace to spend two days (I think the Royal Family ought to take a peek at how neglected this harbor is, very run down). We visited Brussels and the smell of the waffles were addicting. Yes, I had a bite…The notorious Pissing Little Boy from 1619 was everywhere. Our City tour took us by the Atomium. What a site, amazing engenering!

Here are two super recipes we enjoyed a lot! The Grilled Basil Chicken is marinated in my B&B Pesto all day! The Rustic Pasta is amazingly creamy and flavorful. You can use gluten free pasta or zucchini noodles! I whipped up these Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars using my Cassava Butter Cookie recipe as the crust. Holy moly so easy and great on a hot day!
Grilled Basil Chicken & Rustic Pasta
Luscious Lemon Coconut Bars

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