Look out Edeka…I’m Ready!

Drop by and say HI!

Ok ok ok ok…I promised to only send you a newsletter once a month but this month has been filled with great surprises and events that I just had to send you a quickie! Check this out…I am going to be doing a Gluten, Dairy and Soy free cooking demonstration at Edeka in Weilerbach this coming weekend. Please drop by and say HI! Edeka has really embraced the Gluten, Dairy and Soy lifestyle. You should see their shelves. Now I no longer have to order my cassava flour and many other products I love using. This flyer is on their Facebook website. Click on it and scroll to second page…I’m in there!!!


6 Comments on “Look out Edeka…I’m Ready!

    • YES! Yummy, homemade Cassava Grain Free Century bread machine samples, 4 different flavors of Foolproof Mayo samples, Cassava Blueberry Pancakes with Ginger Rhubarb Sauce. Plus one of my favorites to top the bread samples, Chopped Asian Salad! Hope to see you there!

    • They’re also getting an amazing woman with a ton of passion and energy!!!

  1. Loved your samples at Edeka! I’m going to make the curry chicken salad!!

    • Thanks for the support and coming out! You’re one of my BIGGEST fans! So glad you loved the salad. Not a drop of food was left at the end of the demonstration. Great turn out and lots of super people stopped by and shared. Great fun and here on out, Weilerbach is my new market for getting all my cooking supplies…now to locate a local store for supplements! Thanks again for coming!

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