Just the Two of Us: Chapter 5

It’s time for Lutz and me to check out our motoring skills and also the depth of our love and respect for each other. I always said if you really want to see if you’re compatible with a mate, live in an RV or boat for a month and you’ll know for sure. Well we survived the RV and now the true test, the boat.

We happened to take off on our own the week before Easter. Our plan was to travel along the Belgium boarder and Netherlands for three weeks. So we set off, April 8, 2017, the day after my birthday. We’re a week into our trip and so far I still love this man and he has not thrown me over board!

Just the Two of Us: Chapter 5 (German Translation …or close to it)

On the Willemsroute!
The route starts at Stevenswerrt which is directly next to our harbor in Ophoven Belgium. Our first stop was Weert in the Netherlands. At Bocholt we had to pass into Belgium and had to pay a toll fee to travel on their canals. We took a little side trip to Leopoldsburg and enjoyed long canals, slow motoring and relaxation only to notice that the bikes along the canal were faster than us! After 250 Km, 250 liters of diesel, 6 drawbridges and 10 days we arrived  at Bassin in Maastricht. The bridge into the harbor was so low we had to undo the Bimini.  Maastricht is beautiful, REALLY beautiful and full of history and shopping possibilities. We stayed here for 2 weeks.

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  1. Hello the two love birds,

    thanks for your Holiday Report – this is great Motivation while I am sitting behind my desk…..

    Please send me some photos of the ship you bought – it Looks really nice

    Have a wonderful time

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! It is a along to be in such tight quarters and still in love! I am working on my next post so hang on! More picture to come and recipes.

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