Our First Guest On Board: Chapter 4

Our first guest arrived! My first and closest friend in Germany, Marilou and her daughter Aliyah, came and spent four  wonderful days with us celebrating my birthday in the sun. Of course we grilled our brains out and took advantage of each sunny day.

Our First Guest: Chapter 4 (German Translation…or close to it)
We tidied up the boat and prepared for our first guest. So great to see Marilou and her daughter Aliyah. Our first solo trip was with them to Roermond for a 2 hour tour. Plus we entered our first lock that we maneuvered all by ourselves! This took an additional 30 minutes. We ended up with a minor incident due to the fact we did not raise the fenders in time. Apparently an old battle scare repaired incorrectly was tapped against the wall and the wound reopened (something to keep Lutz busy while I cooked). For all of us it was a great trip and very relaxing and romantic in this little harbor.

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  1. cannot wait for August and my guest cruise aboard the Virus , luckily I will travel light, and wear Melinda’s clothes if I run out of clean things…I am bringing , books, books, books, and water color paper and a small set of paints, a camera, and an appetite. I look forward to no, phones, wi fi, or family emergencies. Long domino games and even some cribbage, as all good sailors play cribbage. it i9s a hard life, but someone has to do it.

    • Yes, it is a great relaxing time however, the locks and bridges sure interrupt your peace! You’ll have to teach this shipmate how to play cribbage. My mom never taught me…I was always cook’n something up!

  2. You two look so adorable and happy!! I had a glorious stay aboard Virus last weekend! Maastricht was wonderful to explore and the food both in town and aboard were divine. P.S. Don’t forget sunscreen and use it!!

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