Training & Repair Days on Virus: Chapter 2

This was our training and repair trip.  YIKES… I thought retirement was for lounging, cooking and cruising. Andreas and Lutz are both a little, well, anal obsessive compulsive… but perfectionists sounds better. They both are engineers and my style of sanding and painting just didn’t cut it. I ended up as the cook and bottle washer…suites me fine. It gave me more time to read and marinate the meat for Tandoori Chicken on the grill! 

Now I will practice my German for you all by translating Lutz’s message:
Preparation #2
Now to work, Andreas my captain friend from university times has come for 10 days and is welcomed according to his status with a toast. It’s important to have our meals! The grill had to be set up perfectly so Melinda could start cooking. During the rainy weather we crept down in the bilge to figure out the drying, cooling system, water, gray water, and electricity…Melinda has made up the captain’s cabin. We also had sunny days, and the old boat number had to be taken off, and we had to fight the rust––patiently working at sanding, taping and painting.

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