Cook’n & Cruis’n the Canals: Chapter 1

It’s time to hit the high seas, ok, well, the high canals! Raise the anchor and get ready to do some Cook’n & Cruis’n. We’ve made several trips to pack our boat, Virus. As you can see, our small 500 FIAT, Bella, was loaded to the top. But after 3 trips to and from the boat we are ready to hit the canals and rivers of Belgium and Netherland.

Yes, Virus. We inherited this name and are sticking to it since both Lutz and I have a, VIRUS for the sea. It kind of grows on you if you know what I mean.

Stay tune for some adventures as we travel and share exciting hot spots. I’ll be sharing some awesome gluten, soy and dairy free yummy recipes while on our voyage. The kitchen is small and no stove, but we have a grill and a lot of creative gadgets and ideas, plus inspiration from neighboring villages and local folks!

I’ll do my best to recap the German that my husband has written below…my German lessons for the summer:

Lutz shared that many of his relatives were professional boaters. As a child he recalls adventurous days motoring through the rivers and canals in Germany. In 2016 he spent a few weeks with a close friend, Andreas, on his boat motoring the Rhein and canals in Germany. Lutz said “I got sick and caught the ship ‘VIRUS’ and decided to buy a boat for myself .” The lifesaver in the picture below was on the boat Friede (Peace) that belonged to Lutz’s God Father. We celebrated our second delivery of goods to the boat with a glass of Champagne!


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